I’m hotter Than You


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I just watched the third installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. My sister gave me a free ticket making me no excuse to see the movie. The movie is great, especially the exchange of words between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. But what is the most unforgettable line in the movie is the “You know I’m hotter than you” by Jacob Black to Edward Cullen.
The typical teen today is almost like Bella Swan. Confusion between love and physical attraction, the love is all that matters attitude and other characteristics of a normal teenager. The personality of Jacob, which is more human than Edward, is whom I appreciate since he is true to himself and what shows how a real man acts and thinks. Edward Cullen, okay, let’s forgive him since he’s not human. But there’s no way a man would act like that. That scene in the tent would turn out to be a disaster if it’s in real life. But let’s forgive him for he’s wise enough because of his old age. 

If I’m Edward and Jacob told me that I’m hotter than you line, I would simply say back “You may be hotter, but at least I’m harder”.  Use your imagination.

President Aquino's Inauguration


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Here's my favorite line in President Noynoy's speech during his inauguration. There can be no reconciliation without justice. I guess it's payback time. Hope that he'll be true to his word and be strict with implementing policies especially against corruption. 

Here's a video clip of President Aquino's Inauguration:

New president means new jokes and new thing to experiment on for the cartoonists. The media and the people will surely keep their eyes on Benigno Aquino. I hope he’ll keep his words. I hope it’ll be a better Philippines this time.

Rexona Run 2010


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Rexona Run 2010 registration is now open.  The run is scheduled on August 1, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia. There are 4 categories for the run, 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k.

Early Registration Period: June 28 to July 19, 2010
SM TIMEX Shops – Mall of Asia, North EDSA, South Mall, Megamall
  • TIMEX Glorietta 4
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • Late Registration: July 20 to July 26, 2010
  • SM TIMEX Mall of Asia
  • R.O.X. – Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
  • Online Registration: June 28 to July 19, 2010

Manila Beer or San Mig Light?


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Manila just celebrated its 439th founding anniversary last June 24th and along with it is the launch and rebirth of Manila Beer of Asia Brewery. Yes, same Manila Beer of PBA with Ramon Fernandez as the front player.  

And just last night, we tried this drinking place called Pax Grill along Dr. Garcia St. in Quezon City. There’s a celebration going on that looks like a group of ex seminarian is celebrating a friend’s birthday. Still, we pushed through. So, we ordered a bucket of the usual San Mig Light, but the girl who took our orders told us they ran out of San Mig Lights. She offered two alternatives, the Manila Beer or Pale Pilsen. Of course, out of curiosity I convinced my friends to try Manila Beer.

Rock and Run and a Whole Lot of Rain.


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I should be sleeping right now because I’m dead tired after the Rock and Run Event. Well, the run should be named Rain and Run because of the heavy, storm like rain that pours before and all throughout the entire race. The bands that were supposed to perform were not able to make it but the organizers pushed through with the race. It rained hard but the runners ran harder.

I’m not sleepy yet coz I drank a lot of Redbull and Pocari Sweat during and after the race. So, here’s the story of my first run during a heavy rain.

Just Got Paid by Weegy and Quicktate


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I was able to reach the $20 mark for Weegy and they immediately credited my earnings to my PayPal account on the same day I reached the minimum amount to cash out. That’s fast. Learn more about Weegy here. Below is the proof of payment.

Quicktate also paid my first payment to my PayPal account. I was only able to reach $23 because I was able to work on it for a few days and don’t took it seriously before. Learn more about Quicktate here. Below is the proof of payment.

I withdraw the amount from my PayPal account to my Union Bank Eon Cyber Account today and it will take 2-4 days for it to be credited on my bank account. I guess I have to take these online gigs seriously and dedicate more time to it for me to earn more. 

For other work at home that pays through PayPal, go to this link.

Facebook Question and Answer Service


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Looks like Facebook is planning to enter the user generated question and answer service like that of Yahoo, answers.com and other Q&A services.  On the lower right of a user’s home page you’ll see a Get a Facebook Sneak Peak” with Apply to be a beta tester and get the first look at upcoming Facebook products link. 

“As a beta tester, your job will be to ask great questions and provide great answers about your favorite topics. Economics? Skydiving? Relationships? Mexican Restaurants? It's up to you. You'll be the first person outside of Facebook to use this product. Your expert writing will be seen by tens of millions of people — including job recruiters. And we'll bring our best beta testers out to California to tour Facebook headquarters and meet the team.” As stated in the landing page of the link.

Looks like Facebook is on its way to dominating the entire World Wibe Web. I’m not surprised if they’ll have a Web Search Engine of their own like Google’s. I’m sure Google will get intimidated and shaken when that time comes. As of now, Facebook search is using Bing Search Engine along with their search results.

NBA Finals 2010 Up to Game 7


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My prediction is that Lakers versus Celtics will reach a game 7. I mean, NBA is all about business right? So, why not end the finals with a sweep? Because you can earn more with 7 games. That simple. It’ll not be a surprise to see a tied up 3-3 on game 6. Yes, this might sound crazy like any other conspiracy stuff, but it’s not a bad idea.

Merienda at Ma Mon Luk is No Better than eating Kinalas from Naga City


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I got curious why there are always a lot of people eating at Ma Mon Luk in Banawe. So I tried eating there by myself this afternoon. I ask for the menu and choose Original Mami and Special Siopao with a glass of Cola. The mami is not what I expected as I’m assuming that it’ll taste so good you’ll always want to eat there on your merienda. The siopao is good but I taste Siopaos way better than theirs.  I paid a total of 165 PhP for that merienda thinking that I ordered the small sized Mami.

Going home, I suddenly long for my hometown in Camarines Sur, a place where you’ll get satisfied with a 50 PhP worth of snacks.  In Naga City, we have a version of Mami called Kinalas. It’s the best version of Mami I tasted so far. I remember eating at “Tiya Kamot”in Solid Street, Tiya Cely’s at Barlin Street, Kinalas Twin at Dayangdang and of course Bolofers in front of Nagaland E-Mall. 

Transformers 3 with Shockwave on 3D


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Despite the fact that Michael Bay announced before that Transformers will not be in 3D, the third instalment of Transformers is being shot in 3D. The New villain will be shockwave, a Transformer that can turn into a laser gun. Another new thing in the newest Transformer movie is the replacement of Megan Fox by Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Rosie Whiteley previously worked with Michael Bay in a shooting of a Victoria Secret Commercial. She never acted before though she appeared in Britain’s Next Top Model as a guest. The girl is reported to be dating Transporter 3 star Jason Statham.  When interviewed, Shia LaBeouf said he is coping without his former costar. "I love Megan and I miss the girl," LaBeouf told USA Today.

The movie is scheduled to open on July 1, 2011.

What’s New with iPhone 4?


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Nothing, really nothing. So what if its screen resolution is improved? And the FaceTime video call is a big joke. That technology is from year 2006 and iPhone OS4 can only do its video call through WiFi and only through iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. 

Run Event: Rock and Run at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


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A rock concert and run event for a cause in one is a first of its kind in the Philippines. Rock and Run is organized by Junior Chamber International manila Chapter for the benefit of Republikha, Inc. The event will take place on June 19th at 28th Street Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. 

HP p6340d With Windows 7


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I got a new desktop yesterday. With a tight budget of 30,000 PhP, I stumbled upon the new HP p6340d and instantly fell in love with it. I bought my new baby at Silicon Valley in Trinoma as it goes with a UPS and a free HP Deskjet D2660 printer. The other stores just offered a free webcam which I don't need.

Here's the specs of the HP p6340d.

The Windows 7 OS is smooth and easy to use. Start up time is less than a minute. Well, I’m not really a techy person but I just love using it now compared to using my old HP Pavilion Laptop using Microsoft Vista. The 20” LCD HP 2009f with built in speaker is just perfect. With this new set up, I’ll be inspired to blog more.

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