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The client of our company decided to pull out a week ago, forcing 100+ employees to lose their job and look for another voice mail transcription job to other outsourcing companies. Others stayed and apply for Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Representative position. As for me, I took the one month pay without work, separation pay, 13th month pay and other back pay the company offered and leave the company.

Since there’s a lot of competition in finding a new work, and there’s a lot of stress in finding a new one, I resort to try my luck finding a new job online, a new work for me that is home based, legitimate and trusted by others. A coworker of mine suggested Quicktate a week before our last day in the office. He said that it is a voicemail transcription job that is just like similar to what we are doing; transcribing audio files into text and submitting them back to the subscribers.

What I did was sign up and took the tests for Quicktate online and waited for their response through email. A week after I received an email from Quicktate asking me to confirm and follow some instructions to set up my account. Quicktate is a web browser application; they don’t need special software for transcription. You need to be online in Yahoo Messenger and  TPlink to communicate with their technical support and to advise you of any issues.

I’ll put here a proof of payment after June 10th since their cut off is 1-15th and 16th to last day of the month. Your salary will go through your PayPal account 10 days after the cut off or a day after if the day falls on a holiday or weekend. Try transcribing for Quicktate now! I have to confess, the audio are way better than my previous transcription accounts.

Seems like Quicktate are paying last day of the month for 1-15th cut off and 15th of the next month for the 16th to 31st. Taters feel free to ask anything, just write it in the comment box as I am always checking this blog. And also for those who are interested in QT, if you need help regarding the exam and application process, setting up PayPal account, etc. feel free to ask for help.

For other work at home that pays through PayPal, go to this link.

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