Earn Money Online with Weegy

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If you’re familiar with ChaCha and KGB, you’ll have an idea what Weegy is about. There’s no requirement to be a Weegy expert, just register and you can start answering questions for $0.20 per answer. You’ll be asked to accept for 15 seconds then the question will be carried to other experts. There’s a minimum pay out which is $20 to PayPal.

I was able to earn $1 during my first day with Weegy, it took less than 2 hours to earn that. I just logged on and waited for the “ding” sound, which notifies me of a conversation which I have to accept or pass on to other users. Questions are very easy, you can Google, search on Wikipedia or just plainly answer it basing from your experience and stock knowledge.

Get to know Weegy by clicking here.

For other work at home that pays through PayPal, go to this link.

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