Be a KGB Special Agent and Earn Money at Home

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If you’re looking for a legitimate work at home job in the Philippines from a well known company, have a fast internet connection, pretty knowledgeable about lots of topics, try working as a KGB Special Agent! It’s not the same Komitet Gosudarstvenoi Bezopasnost of Russia, it’s a New York based company and one of the world’s largest provider of directory assistance that is founded in 1992.

About 4 months ago, KGB opened work at home as a home based special agent to US and Canada. Just last week, KGB Philippines
offered the same job opening as a special agent in the Philippines. Basically, what a special agent does is just answer questions from online text messages from US. A special agent must possess skills in Internet research, excellent grammar and spelling, fast and accurate typing and dedication to work. Age limit is at least 18 years of age. Schedule of work is flexible as long as you can work at least 2 hours minimum to 6 hours maximum a day. The first step to become an agent is to finish a challenge online, more like a trivia game that has time limits. The link for the challenge is here. For more information just visit KGB Philippines Website.

Upon completion of the online application it is still needed to pass a certain required documents to their office or if living at remote area, be able to mail it to them. I think this work at home opportunity is a big help to those who are looking for a legitimate job in the Philippines and those who are looking for more source of income.

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i tried kgb before too. this is good for those who really want to work at home.

can you give an estimate as to how many questions are there in a day? --that is, for those who are here in the Philippines.... Because I have read some reviews from and they said that questions are few compared to the number of hired "special agents"

kgb Special Agents Work at Home job is really not that good. It is true that questions are few compared to the number of hired "special agents"... what more? they get to fire you anytime they want so all your works, efforts, time spent training(without a fee), preparing for docs and appearing for registration at their work site are all put to waste... your small earnings (Php 3.4 or 1.7 per question answered) will also be deducted with taxes, sss, pag-ibig, etc.. do the math if you're gonna earn any! Even if given that there are only few questions to handle in queue, you will still get a warning for not meeting their quota! Bottom line, I do not recommend kgb to anyone. Don't believe? Go ahead, try and see for yourselves. ;)

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