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Many funny images are circulating in Facebook pages. Friends upload them; tag other friends, then this lead to viral tagging of other friends. But these pictures can be annoying some times, especially when you unexpectedly found a massive numbers of these on your Facebook wall. Others can be offensive, obscene and just plainly stupid.

Right now, the most likely subjects of these Funny Facebook Images are the popular. Manny Pacquiao, Aling Dionisia, Presidential
Candidates, Hollywood Stars or even some random picture of unknown children. Most are edited through Photoshop. Others are plainly the way they are like the Misspelled or Funny Signs in the streets or other places. The problem encountered by others is how to avoid getting tagged with these images. You can just untagged pictures manually, but this process is tiring and is sometimes late to undo the damage. To avoid getting pictures posted on your wall, you’ll have to tweak your privacy settings. You have to go to privacy settings and modify the settings as shown below. 
You might also opt to change other privacy settings as well like making your Information private to those who are not in your friends list, protecting your albums to be seen by others not on your list, etc.

Some things that are funny, hilarious or comical to others may be offensive to others. And please, stop posting picture of kids doing adult stuffs. And do think of the person you are tagging these pictures with.

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