7th High Bonifacio Global City Taguig


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My friend bugged me to accompany him yesterday to a new place somewhere in The Fort area. I was hesitant at first since it was a Saturday night and I know how heavy the traffic would be along EDSA, but still decided to go. He told me that he was included in a guest list of 7th High, a new club in B3, Quadrant 4, Bonifacio Global City and that there will be an open bar from 10PM to 12 midnight. 

Nike SB Stefan Janoski January 2011 Release


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New Year, new kicks. I’m looking forward for the January Release of Nike SB. The most loved Stefan Janoski in Obsidian/White Metro Grey will be a definite must cop for me. God! I love the gum outsole. 

Facebook Profile Picture Design Tutorial


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Wondering how to make that amazing look on other Facebook users’ profile? Here’s a tutorial on how to play around and give your Profile Page a new look.

What are the Numbers in Facebook Status About?


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After the change your profile picture into a cartoon went viral a week ago, there’s a new Facebook Status game that is gaining popularity. So, you’re probably wondering what’s up with the numbers on the Facebook status all about, it’s explained in The Number Game Facebook page  “Facebook users can ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them with a number. The friend then gives the answer, and attaches the number to their answer for identification purposes." 
What do you think about these Facebook trends? Do you participate in them?



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Dear Santa,

I’ve been good all year long and Christmas is near once again. I know it’s been a long time since the last time I ask for a gift and I’m a bit of a grown up now, but I really want this one bad. You always know that I’m a big fan of Nokia phones, specially their high end units. From analog phones to the birth of SMS enabled phones up to the touch screen, WiFi and GPS equipped units; it’s Nokia that I always trust. So, for this Christmas, I wish to have a Nokia C7.

Santa, you’re probably thinking that I don’t need a Nokia C7 since I still have my year old dependable Nokia N97. But please keep in mind that the Nokia C7 is more elegant and slimmer compared to the bulgy and heavier N97. The Symbian^3 Operating System will be a perfect new experience for me. The capacitive touch screen will be an upgrade to the resistive touch screen my unit has. And of course, the 8MP camera (with face detection) is perfect to capture happy and memorable moments in my life. 

Below are the photos taken with my 5 Megapixel Nokia N97. I guess an additional 3 Megapixel will be better.

More pictures in this link.

The Nokia C7 will be a perfect gift for me since there are a lot of things I can do with it. The integrated GPS and Ovi Maps still amazed me (read my blog on How to use Ovi Maps in the Philippines). The FM transmitter is great for sharing my favourite MP3s on any FM radio. WiFi connection for browsing and a superb browser with Flash support is something I love to have with me when I need to check my emails, networking sites and blog when I’m on the go. I could go on and on for more use of the powerful Nokia C7, and if ever I can’t think of one anymore, I’ll just look for a new game or application in the Ovi Store.

Please Santa, listen to my wish. You’ll make me happier with a Nokia C7 this Christmas. I promise not to be naughty even until the next year.:)

A Nokia Fan Boy    

Justin Bieber Concert in Manila (Mall of Asia)


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Again, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber. In fact, a get annoyed by that kid’s looks and voice. But good news for JB’s fans, he will be having a concert on May 10, 2011 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Smart is producing the concert and they are the one who announced the big news.

It’s going to be a big Bieber Fever next year... Baby, baby, baby oh! Surprisingly, I found myself singing to the tune of Justin’s song from time to time.  That’s how powerful JB is, coz no matter how you dislike the kid, your subconscious pick up the tune and lyrics of his songs.

Hotline number to report an abusive Taxi Driver


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Riding a taxi cab can be a nightmare here in Metro Manila. Almost everyone who rides a cab have some story to tell about abusive drivers. Choosing passengers/destination, not using the meter and asking more than the right fare are just some of the examples. Other situations are even worse. I was also a victim of some of their modus operandi. The only thing I did was list the plate numbers but never get to complain about it at the LTFRB.

Good thing is that the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) activated a hotline and text number to receive complaints from commuters. Passengers can either call 7890 or text 0918-8848484. This is a good timing since the Holiday season is near.

How to Activate the New Facebook Profile Page Design


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The number 1 social networking site got a new look. Users can now activate and experience the new profile page starting today. The gradual update will be early next year but users can opt to activate it today. 

Basic information will appear below your name making it easier for friends to pinpoint where you live, your birthday, school you graduate from etc. Under that is an array of pictures you are tag to. Photo page appears a little different also, you can view all your albums in a single page. For more information and to activate the new Facebook Profile page, go to this link.

What do you think of the new FB Profile look? Will you activate it now or just wait for the site to change for everyone?

Free SMS Text Messaging Using Facebook (uLink)


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Filipinos love sending tons of text messages every day. And what Filipinos love more? Sending their SMS free of charge! There’s a new way of sending message to all your friends and love ones without busting your mobile phone network provider. And the fun part of it is you can enjoy the service without installing anything on your computer, you just need your Facebook account and you’re all set to go.

uLink is a Facebook application that allows you to send SMS text message to all networks in the Philippines. Whether it is Globe, Sun Cellular, Smart, TM, Talk and Text or Red Mobile, you can enjoy unlimited text messaging anytime, in any place of the Philippines. I have still to try the service if it can send to a roaming number overseas.

I know that it is no way to completely abandon your mobile phones, but it can help save a great amount of money. I recommend uLink to those who have unlimited Internet. The downside is SMS length is limited only to 130 characters. uLink is also ad supported, so don’t be surprised if you’re directed to a new web page after sending the SMS message. Visit uLink Facebook application or their website.

Why are people changing their Facebook Profile Picture to Cartoons?


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Maybe you are wondering why people suddenly changed their primary profile image.  If you’re still clueless and want to know the answer, here’s my clue: it got something to do with childhood memories.

I just recently changed mine to Mighty Mouse, a Superman like mouse possessing super powers. First appeared in 1942 in a theatrical animated short titled The Mouse of Tomorrow. Not that I grew up around 1940’s or somewhere near that time line, I like Mighty Mouse because he’s what I grew up with in Philippine Television around early 90’s. My cartoon childhood memories are Bozo the Clown, Super Book, Flying House, Yogi Bear etc. Those are the days of not so complicated life.

Back to Facebook, I received a message that says “Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. There should be no human faces on Facebook but an invasion of memories to raise awareness for Violence Against Children”. So, the social networking site is being put into good use by promoting social awareness and preventing violence against children.   Change your Facebook primary photo now.
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