Blank Earnings in Monetize Tab on Blogger


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It’s been a week since I noticed that my Earnings under the Monetize Tab on Blogger is blank. The stats for page impressions, clicks, CTR and eCPM seem to be working fine yet all I see is a dash under my earnings. I panicked at first, hoping that Google did not accuse me of malicious or invalid clicks for my own ads. or a violation of their TOS. I checked my email hoping for an advisory

Online Banking with BDO


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Banco de Oro dominates having the most branches in almost every place in Philippines yet they still don’t have an improvement with their online banking. Try to walk around Greenhills area, you’ll see BDO branches facing each other and just a few steps there’s another

Surfing Unlimited Facebook Using Globe Unlisurf for Mobile Phones.


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As the popularity of Facebook increases, so are those who are capitalizing on it. Many services and gadgets nowadays are supporting access to FB accounts and pages. Telcos here in the Philippines are now offering unlimited surfing for 24 hours of some
social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, etc. to mobile users.

Facebook to Ask For Payment?


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There’s a circulating rumor that Facebook will start to ask payment from users starting July 2010. Fan pages like NO! I WILL NOT PAY $3.99/MONTH TO USE FACEBOOK STARTING JULY 9, 2010! JOIN, with 100,000 fans and counting are even created. The said to be amount for a month use per user ranges from a dollar to $5. Who are they kidding?! Believing this is just like agreeing with

The Life of a Voicemail Transcriptionist


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If you want to work in a call center environment but looking for a non voice account, why not try being a transcriptionist? As long as you can type at least 32 words per minute, has excellent written and communication skills, has excellent understanding of different American accents, then you are qualified enough to be a general

The Ease of Paying at Bayad Centers


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Paying bills can be stressful, not only you have to come up with the amount to pay on time but also you have to suffer allocating time to go through paying bills before the due date. Long lines and different locations for the payment centers is a waste of time. Good thing is there are now Bayad Centers located at strategic spots that accept

Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 Update: Problem with URL Input


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I just finished Updating my Mozilla Firefox Browser to 3.5.7 which is currently its latest version. The update took few minutes and was able to use it without having to reboot my laptop. I noticed no significant change from the previous version, nothing that stands out. But there seems to be a problem, something I’m not used to. Before the update, when I enter a certain URL I just have to press ENTER key and the webpage will load. But after the update, the

Philippines 2010 Presidential Election Result: How Can We Be a Better Filipino?


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The date of the National Elections is fast approaching; every candidate seems to be well prepared with how they are going to be a good leader for the Filipino people. But are we, the voters, prepared for our choice of the right candidate? We can’t solve a big problem of us having corrupt leaders if part of the problem is our direct

WeSC Headphones: Better than Skullcandy


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I noticed the sudden rise in popularity of Skullcandy headphones here in the Philippines. But those guys wearing them are satisfied with its quality or are they just wearing it because they are cool looking? I use to love Skullcandy, I love that they are stylish and the Skullcrusher has the most ear deafening bass I ever tried. But it is neither the style nor the excessive bass that my ear craves, but a

Artemis Fowl Movie and The Atlantis Complex


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Wizards in Harry Potters, Vampires and Werewolves in The Twilight Series, both are a huge success in book and movie. What I am looking forward right now is a movie of Artemis Fowl series. The movie was rumored to be a possibility since 2006 and Eoin Colfer, the author even commented on an interview that he prefers a live action rather than a computer generated imagery version of the

Digibox and Skybroadband Trivia Application on Facebook


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I was watching a certain movie this evening on Starmovies when an infotext pops out of my television’s screen. Blamed it on the Sky Cable Digibox, it irritates me when they popped in announcements during a good show.  I had a hard time locating the remote control so I was kind of forced to read the notice on the screen. Apparently,
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