Blank Earnings in Monetize Tab on Blogger

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It’s been a week since I noticed that my Earnings under the Monetize Tab on Blogger is blank. The stats for page impressions, clicks, CTR and eCPM seem to be working fine yet all I see is a dash under my earnings. I panicked at first, hoping that Google did not accuse me of malicious or invalid clicks for my own ads. or a violation of their TOS. I checked my email hoping for an advisory from Google AdSense, yet I received not a single email from them.

So, I visited my AdSense account to find out what’s the reason behind all this. The stats from the AdSense account seem to be working fine and are updated. Maybe it’s just a glitch from Blogger that they haven’t resolved yet. I Googled for related issues with mine and found out that others with Blogger account have same problems, just a dash on the earnings under the Monetize tab for Blogger.

Hope that Blogger resolves this issue or at least give an official statement on Blogger Buzz. I will update this blog if ever I learn of the proper answer to this problem.

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