Farmville Related Murder


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22 years old Alexandra Tobias, may be getting a life sentence after pleading guilty to a Farmville related murder of her 3 months old baby. She said she got angry and shook her baby when baby Dylan started crying, causing an injury to the head. 

Learn more about the story and other stories of game addiction in this link. 

I’m not a big fan of Facebook games and applications. I have to admit that I used to play Texas Hold Em and Mafia Wars and is now currently into Backyard Monsters. But I don’t let these interfere with my activities of daily life. Gaming is supposed to be fun, right? I know others who have been into some sort of addiction to gaming and all I can see is the bad effects of it to their life. A complete waste of time, effort and money.

Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 On Stranger Tides Trailer Video


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In theaters on May 20th 2011 in Disney Digital 3D.

Sun Broadband Pocket WiFi


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Now that Globe has MyFi and Smart Bro has Pocket WiFi, is there a possibility of having a portable pocket sized WiFi for Sun Cellular? There’s no such thing yet as of date, but I think it’ll not be long before it will be available.

Out of the 3 networks, I am using Sun Broadband as my Internet provider because of stability issues. I already did a pocket WiFi version for Sun Broadband a long time ago. And I even did it inside a car while driving around Makati. Connected were a friend’s netbook and an iTouch at the same time and both experienced good connections with only having to reconnect for only twice in span of more than 2 hours. What you need is a Sun Broadband sim card, a WiFi enabled phone and a 3rd party software WiFi sharing application like JoikuSpot.

A Letter to Backyard Monsters


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Dear Backyard Monsters, 

I never played a Facebook apps/game in my life seriously until I met you. You’re a big distraction in my life. I used to laugh at people who are too hooked in playing Farmville, Mafia Wars or any game in Facebook. I regard them as lame and a waste of time. But now, I have to check if anyone attacked my base camp, or if a new monster is ready for use. I have to log in just to harvest the resources used to building up my defences and buildings and see if there’s a weakling that I can attack and loot resources from. I waited impatiently as my monster workers upgrades my buildings, sniper towers, canon, lasers and tesla towers. 

BM, you’re the first Tower Defence game in Facebook that is worth playing. Because of you, I can take revenge on my ex boss by destroying his camp to ashes every single day. I miss you when you’re down, although you have Attack of the Pokeys to cheer me up. I understand that you’re just trying to improve the game and get rid of the bugs.

Oh, all my Monster Housing is full of monsters again. Bye for now BM! I have to attack my ex boss’ camp again.

Yours truly,

Try Backyard Monsters, a Facebook application by clicking here.  

HP Slate 500: The Windows 7 Tablet


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The much awaited Windows 7 Tablet from HP has finally arrived. It features an 8.9” multi touch screen, 3MP camera, 2GB RAM and a webcam. Selling price would be around $799 or around 34600 PhP here in the Philippines including a HP Slate Digital Pen, HP Slate Dock and HP Slate Portfolio. 

So, will this be the next big thing after Apple’s iPad?

Video Demonstration of New CPR Guidelines by American Heart Association (2010)


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Here’s a link to the video demonstration by American Heart Association (AHA) on how to do the updated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

So, the standard Airway, Breathing and Circulation (ABC) will now be Circulation, Airway and Breathing for adults and children. The ABC should still be followed for infants. Key factors that must be remembered by lay persons and health providers are to compress hard and fast, about a 100 compressions per minute. Lay persons now don’t have to worry about the “yuck” factor associated with mouth to mouth resuscitation. AHA hopes that with this new guideline, even bystanders will not hesitate to render early compression to a victim. But for experienced health providers, it is still expected to do 2 mouth to mouth breaths after 30 compressions.
For more information visit the official website of AHA.

How To Take Good Photos with a Mobile Phone


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Everyone loves DSLRs. Most of my friends own one and some dreams or plan of having one. In every hang out place you’ll see someone holding a DSLR. Yeah, it gets annoying sometimes. A month ago, there were 4 dudes with their Canons and Nikons strapped on their neck while in a drinking session. Is it even comfortable? As for me, the closest thing I get to taking a decent picture is my Canon Powershot digital cam and my 5MP Carl Zeiss dual LED with autofocus Nokia N97. Not that I don’t want to have a DSLR, but I think it’s not practical to have your cameras with you all the time. Sometimes it spoils the fun you’re supposed to be having because you’re busy trying to take perfect pictures.

I bring my point and shoot camera with me whenever there’s an occasion, but when there’s a scene worth taking a picture of during ordinary days, I make use of my mobile phone. Yes, you can capture decent photos with a camera phone. Just make sure you have proper lighting, subject is properly focused and choose the right angle. Major problem with a cell phone camera is lighting. Poor light creates noise and blurring in pictures. That’s why I prefer taking pictures with my mobile phone during daytime. Many users are not aware of how to properly use the autofocus of their camera phone. In most case, you have to half press first to get a focus on the subject before clicking all the way to take a picture. Also, make use of the setting like the macro shot for very near objects, configure the white balance, ISO, etc. until you get the best setting for a picture.

What You’re Missing in Facebook Live Feeds


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I have this suspicion long ago that I’m not getting all the live feeds from all of my friends in Facebook. It turned out my suspicion is right. I read updates when I’m using my mobile phone that I don’t see on my PC. So I did a little research and guess what I found out, Facebook controls from whom you get updates, what posts appeared on your wall, and everything. 


Because of this, I missed out on some events, birthdays and updates of some friends. Facebook limits and choose what to appear on your Top News and Most Recent Feeds.  So, how do you fix this? The answer is you just have to configure something on your wall. Scroll down your Home Page/ News Feed Page and you can see Older Posts and Edit Options on the bottom. Click on Edit Options, you should see Show More, Hide and Number of Friends. Now, on the Number of Friends you can see a default number 250. Turns out the more number of friends you have, the lesser updates you’ll see on some people. All you have to do is change that number to a higher number. I changed mine to 5000 and that did the trick.

Almost everyone now has a Facebook account, but the thing is we are not fully aware of some settings. Now, please do a favor of posting this to your Facebook Wall to let your friends know what they’re missing. Any additional tips and tricks you can share? Just write it down on the comments area. Happy Social Networking!

Nokia C5-03, A Cheap Wi-Fi Touch Screen Phone


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Is Nokia starting to name their mobile phones with the names of some road (Circumferential Road 5, C-5 Road) here in the Philippines? I hope they go back to the one letter, 2 digits number naming system of their mobile phones. 

The Nokia C5-03 is a Symbian S60 touch phone. It has Wi-Fi, GPS and a fixed focus 5MP camera. Plus, it is really light weight too (93 grams). It has a 3.2” resistive touch screen, which is a disappointment since many prefer a capacitive touch screen. It has no secondary camera for video call and comes with a 2GB microSD card.

Stefan Janoski Premium Black Leather this October


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Take a look at the newest Stefan Janoski Zoom SB for the month of October.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Premium – Distressed Black Leather

Distressed black leather with interchangeable black leather or white cord laces. Wondering who’ll be first to deliver this time, Republic or WeLegendary?

First Nurse’s Fun Run 2010 Para sa Kinabukasan


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The 1st Nurse’s Fun Run 2010 Para sa Kinabukasan is scheduled on December 5, 2010 at the CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Manila. It is a “buddy” system Fun Run where pairs compete for a 3.5 km run.  The pair should start and finish the race together. Registration costs 600 PhP for every pair. Singlet design and contents of the race kits/loot bag is not yet announced. 

I Ran (Not Walk) at the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River


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We got stuck in traffic minutes before the gun start of the 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River. We continued on foot and did some running (warm up) up to the starting point. Luckily, we made it just on time before the start. A rush of thousands of runner rushed frantically towards us since we are in front of the starting line, so we waited for a bit before me and my friends joined the rest of the runners.

I ran nonstop starting from the Starting Line in Star City up to the 3K mark; I did some walking because I started to felt a stitch on my right side. But I was able to pace with the men of Army and Police up to the finish line with a Gun time of 31 minutes. 

Finisher's Band

Authentication of Documents in DFA


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Finally, I’m done with all the papers that needed to be authenticated for my application as a nurse overseas. The TOR and Diploma from my school, the Board Rating, License and Certificate of Registration as a Nurse from PRC and my Certificate of Employment (COE) from previous work, all finished after 2-3 weeks of processing.

The Transcript of Record and Diploma from my school is easy to process. I just requested from our Registrar to have the documents to be authenticated, I paid the certain amount needed including the fees for mailing the papers to CHED and was told to come back for the stub for release at DFA Manila. I paid additional fees at DFA Manila when my docs was scheduled for release, waited some time and was able to get hold of my papers from school with a red ribbon and seal from DFA.

Pink Run D’Feeting Breast Cancer


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I already registered and got my race kit for the Pink Run at the same day yesterday. So, it’ll be a total of 3 runs for this month, 5K run for A Run for Pasig River, 5K for Pink Run Defeating Breast Cancer and 10K for Adidas King of the Road.

I registered at Mizuno Mega Mall (Located at UG floor Bldg. A). Registration costs 500 Php for all category, inclusive of a singlet, bib number and I grabbed a free copy of the Bull Runner (Piolo Pascual cover).  Race date is scheduled on October 17 2010 with Gun Start at 5:00 AM.

I heard that there are some problems with claiming and late registration, but you guys might try at Mizuno Megamall since I was able to register hassle free.

Justin Bieber is an Old Man in Disguise


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I saw this video from YouTube saying that Justin Bieber is really a 53 year old man in disguise and is a pedophile. The video is a parody from the famous Onion Network, known for entertainment newspaper and a website featuring satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news.

The news seem believable or true to those who is unaware of the Onion News Network, this is evident by the hilarious comments by fans and other people in the comments portion of the YouTube video. See the video below and go to the YouTube page and laugh your heart out reading the comments.

I'm not a Justin Bieber fan. What do you think about the video?

Trail Run in Singapore


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We did a lot of things during our 1 week vacation in Singapore. We visited places, eat good and weird stuffs, shop, took lot of pictures, try different types of transportation including the Singapore Cable Car, and joined a running event. It was just a 3K mini marathon (since the 10.5K marathon registration fee is a little expensive for us), but it is not one ordinary run. It was a trail Run.

Tour de Trail took place at MacRitchie Reservoir last September 26th. I and my 2 sisters participated in the 3K run. Other categories were 10.5 individual and a relay. It was our first time to said place so we did not expect what the path would be. We started in the assembly area inside the Reservoir, then to the highway and into a passage going back to the reservoir. The passage is narrow and surrounded by trees. The ground is wet, muddy and some gravels, rocks, branches and twigs in some places. The path goes uphill and downhill. The view is great as if you’re inside a jungle and we even passed by a small lake. It was sure a long path that seems to never end. The trail goes back to the concrete part of the reservoir and into a straight line towards the finish/start line. Check out the photos I and my sisters took.

The View

Finisher's Baton. This kid finished a 10.5 individual run.

Traveling JetStar Airways to Singapore


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My mom, sis and niece had a week vacation a week ago to Singapore. It was my mom who booked the flight via JetStar Airways. She was choosing between Tiger Airways and Jetstar but chose the latter because of convenience. My mom registered online and avail of the promotional discounted round trip fees to Singapore and back to Manila.

We board the plane in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1. Although the fare was cheap, it does not reflect in the service given by the in cabin crew. They even offered to have one of our carry on to be checked in for free. The take off was on time. Boarding was organized. There’s enough room for our hand carry luggage. The flight both ways was comfortable with just enough room. The toilets are clean and well maintained. Since it was a short trip, we did not bother tasting the food in their menu. The take off and landing was smooth.

I recommend JetStar Airways for those who are traveling in tight budget. You can pay via credit card and chose your seat online. Just show your print out when you board. For more information and booking go to this link.
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