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Now that Globe has MyFi and Smart Bro has Pocket WiFi, is there a possibility of having a portable pocket sized WiFi for Sun Cellular? There’s no such thing yet as of date, but I think it’ll not be long before it will be available.

Out of the 3 networks, I am using Sun Broadband as my Internet provider because of stability issues. I already did a pocket WiFi version for Sun Broadband a long time ago. And I even did it inside a car while driving around Makati. Connected were a friend’s netbook and an iTouch at the same time and both experienced good connections with only having to reconnect for only twice in span of more than 2 hours. What you need is a Sun Broadband sim card, a WiFi enabled phone and a 3rd party software WiFi sharing application like JoikuSpot.

What I did is insert the sim card to my Nokia N97. Download the Internet settings for Sun Internet, replace the APN to fbband and just connect. I use JoikuSpot to connect the other gadgets to my phone and share Internet connection via WiFi. That’s it, my version of pocket WiFi/MyFi for Sun Cel’s Broadband. No need to pay an expensive price of around 7K for a router. But the downside, my battery went full to 3 bars after depleting some of the power out of the 1000 mAh battery.

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sir,i think,the thing you just did is called tethering or converting your cellphone into a wireless router.but my question is,how will i convert my motorola mb300 backflip to router?it is an android 1.6 version.i did download the tether on andoid market and it says,it not their a simplier way or procedure to do it?my email is

thank you sir in advance:-)

You are the best! It's a bit slow though but still fun! =)

My JoikuSpot stopped working even if I reinstalled it... Appreciate you guys like it.

hi. i wonder if this is still working? I'm using a blackberry bold do you think it will also work on that? heres my email I will also follow you via google connect

I don't know if it'll work for BlackBerry. Try to find if there's a JoikuSpot Lite app for BB and try it. Or you can search for other WiFi tethering app. I can't tether my WiFi using Sun Broadband through my N97 anymore after my last phone firmware update. I don't know if it's my unit or Sun blocked it. But I can still use my Broadband anywhere using my phone. It's like having an ultraportable netbook with me all the time. You can do it also for your BlackBerry (I think), just replace the APN to "fbband". But you can't call or text while using it.

FYI, Sun MyFi is already available. Free sya sa mga naka plan 799 at one time fee of 550 pesos sa plan 650. Beat that offer. Di tulad sa Globe 4,000 yung MyFi nila. Haha! Get one now!

I know. I saw their ad a week ago but I can't see any info in their website.

Can't wait for this!!!

hi guys, ask ko lang kung maganda ba signal ng sun pocket wifi?? thanks,,god bless ...

super cool info, thanks for sharing, ill try this :)

last day of my StiLa GIVEAWAY, join now:

If you need a pro version of Joikuspot (for free), just email me.:)

I saw an ad on the paper a few days ago for Sun portable wifi. I think it comes with a lanyard. :)

I inquired about the portable Wifi at a nearby Sun Shop. You can purchase it at 5K+, but it's free or at lower price for certain plans.

hey sir. send me one on my email :)
i wanna try this :) thank you sir :)

Sir penge po joiku spot...maraming pong salamat..heres my email. sir ilove you

Sir penge joikuspot. po g many..

hi sir! can i download the joikuspot using my samsung corby? if yes, can you email it to me too? Thanks!

And do you have any idea if it will the tethering work with my samsung corby?

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