First HTC Android Phone with Beats by Dr. Dre?


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I was excited to see the first HTC Smartphone with Beats by Dr. Dre thinking that it would be awesome. But upon reading the specifications of it on GSM Arena, I’m a bit disappointed with it as it lacks the power and speed to compete with the competition’s flagship devices.

The phone is known as the “Runnymede”, here’s the specifications:

•    4.7-inch, 800x480 display
•    1.5GHz single-core Qualcomm MSM8255
•    768MB RAM, 16GB internal storage
•    8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash, backlit sensor
•    720p video recording at 60fps
•    1.3 megapixel front camera
•    DLNA
•    Less than 10mm thick
•    Android 2.3.4, Sense 3.5
•    Bundled Beats by Dr. Dre headphones

Another thing that I don’t like with the specs is the 4.7” display. 4.3” is enough, like most of their flagship models, but anything larger than that is already a tablet. I was also expecting it to be a dual core device and have a larger RAM. I guess it is targeted for teens and audiophiles that would not care less if it is a dual core or not. The Runnymede is expected to be released on December this year.

Kinalas in Metro Manila


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A friend of mine told me about this new place that serves Bicolano dishes. That was a couple of months back and I said I’m going to visit the place. But because the conversation went on between buckets of my favorite beer, I forgot about the plan of trying out the place. If only my friend mentioned the place serves one of my favorite food in the whole wide universe, Kinalas, I would’ve paid the bill and left the bar we were at and transferred to Spicy Tongue located at Timog Ave., corner Scout Tuazon. 

Photo from their Facebook Page.
What is Kinalas and what makes it special? Kinalas is a mami version of the Bicolanos. Actually, it’s a better version of mami. They are made of fresh noodles (preferably pancit loglog), a very flavorful broth, thick savory sauce and meat pieces from a cow or pork’s head. The broth is made to perfection by boiling the cow or pork’s head. And it’s better if served with siling labuyo (native chilies). If you want to read on about Kinalas, visit this link.

The nonstop rain this past weekend triggered a sudden craving for a hot soup. I was thinking of trying out a noodle place that was featured in Yahoo Philippines a week ago. But deep inside, I know that a bowl of steaming Kinalas will be perfect for the weather. So I searched the web and try my luck if there’s indeed a place here in Metro Manila that serve Kinalas. After reading blog posts I decided to visit the Kinalas Facebook Page I “liked” months ago and there I found in one of the uploaded picture, a map of Spicy Tongue. And I suddenly remembered my friend telling me he did tried different Bicolano dishes in that place. Without second thought, I asked a friend of mine to drop by the place later that night.

Spicy Tongue is located at the corner of Timog and Scout Tuazon, Quezon City, which is a 10 minutes ride from my place. They open around 6:00 PM, I’m not sure what time they close but that night (Sunday), they close around 1:00 AM. Spicy Tongue’s version of Kinalas, though not par with Cha Kamot’s, Tiya Cely’s or Kinalas Twins’ standard (those from Naga City will surely agree that these 3 places are the best), did not disappoint my expectations. The moment the bowl was served, I knew that it is the real deal. The familiar taste of the broth and sauce proved that it is indeed made from someone that knows how to cook one. One thing that I noticed is that they are using a different kind of noodles (certainly not Pancit loglog). But the broth and sauce surely satisfied my taste. A major plus was it was served with siling labuyo, not those long chilis served at carinderias around the Metro. 

Perfect on a cold weather with a bottle of beer.

Funny thing is that my friend told me that a good indicator of having a good bowl of Kinalas is when sweat forms and drizzle on your forehead, which I completely agreed with. We both experienced that familiar feeling of satisfaction after eating a good bowl of our favorite noodle dish.

Spicy Tongue also serve other Bicolano dishes like laing, kinunot, Bicol express, baduya, etc. and other Filipino dish. They serve beer by buckets or below zero and usual pulutan like sisig, chicharong bulaklak, etc.

If you happen to try Spicy Tongue’s Kinalas, please don’t hesitate to hit the comment button.

Planking in Latin Means Worshipping the Devil?


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Another rumor is circulating that planking is a Latin word derived from "Flanking" which means worshipping the devil. One of my Facebook friend posted "Planking in Latin means worshiping the devil in a parallel position” Flanking or Planking (resting exercise ) - is an old Eastern Religious practice or demonic exercise that leads to death to many people in the past, they are now beginning to revive this demonic practice and most victim are young people - Don’t do that and pls don’t be an example of this demonic practice. Pass to your Love ones..."

Best Planking Ever!
Planking and Flanking is not a Latin word. The closest translation you'll get to planking is "Tabula" which also refers to a piece of wood, the word planking came from. Whoever came up with the chain status message must've been annoyed at plankers.

Planking, Owling and even Horsemaning is out of style...
Safe planking everyone!

Adipure: Adidas Barefoot Shoe


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Many shoe companies want a share of the growing running barefoot trend. Popularized by the book “Born to Run”, it’s not a surprise you’ll see a lot of runners wearing their Vibram Five Fingers and other minimalist shoes. There are those who are even crossing the finish line of half and full marathons with bare feet (literally).
I tried running with VFF Bikila since March 2011, and since then I prefer using it than my other running shoes (mostly Adidas). The only time I finished a half marathon without my Bikila (after owning one) was at the The Northface Trail Run Cam Sur event last May. I love the VFF Bikila so much that I highly recommended it to my sister, who is also a runner.

My VFF Bikila

Adidas, a company I respect for their running shoes, announced the release of a Vibram Five Fingers look alike Adipure. It will be released on November 2011. The announcement received mixed reactions from both running and non running community. Owners of VFFs said that it’s a clone of Vibram’s barefoot shoes; Adidas lovers said it looks cool and are looking forward the release date of the Adipure in the Philippines. Non runners also gave mixed reactions, saying that the shoe design is ugly while others are interested in sporting one. There are also those who said that there’s a chance Adidas will be sued by VFF the same way Fila was sued because of patent issues with Skeletoes.

Adidas Adipure for Men

Fila Skeletoes

My take on Adidas Adipure? I’m not totally against it; I’ll have my word when I get to try one. But for now, I’m sticking with my VFF Bikila. I just hope that competitions between minimalist and barefoot shoes will lead to lowering their price tags.:)

Prometric Saudi Council Exam for Nurses


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If you’re planning to work as a nurse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you might want to take your Prometric Saudi Council Exam here in the Philippines. Although it can be taken when you’re already employed in KSA, you might want to consider taking it at the comfort of your own country. Most agencies advised nurses to take the exam but most find it difficult to make an appointment online as they have no idea where to start. 

  • Visit
  • Under Test Takers, click the dropdown “Academic, Professional, Government & Corporate.
  • Scroll down and choose Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
  • You will be directed to a new page, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Testing. Click on the “Get Started” box.
  • You will be directed again to a new page. In the “Program Name” dropdown, choose Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (non elig). Choose Philippines as your country and click next.
  • You will be directed to a new window. Click on “Schedule an exam”. You will be directed to information Review and will see a “For testing outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only”. Click Next.
  • You will be directed to the Privacy Policy Review, select “I agree” and click next.
  • You will be direted to Exam Selection. Click the dropdown menu and choose Nurse Technician. Click next.
  • In the Available Test Sites, type in Philippines. 2 address will appear, but they are just the same. Choose any and click “schedule an exam”.
  • In the Date and Time selection, find available seat that suits you (you may also choose what time you want to take the exam).
  • You will be directed to another window and you will type some additional information. Type the required information including your name, address, birth date, e-mail address, government identification card, etc.
  • You will proceed to another window and you will be typing the necessary information under the Payment Information. You can use another person’s Visa Card if you don’t have one.
  • After that, a final window will appear and show your registration list, you have to print it. A confirmation email will be sent to you after registration.
I took the Prometric exam last March. The test was easier than the Local Nursing Licensure Exams (70 items). You don’t have to bring anything except the print out and the ID you put in the registration (PRC, Driver’s License or passport). You will be asked to leave all your belongings, including every single piece in your pocket and wristwatch.  You will be given instructions (no looking anywhere while taking the exam, except the monitor of your computer), and proceed to having a trial exam before the real Saudi Council Exam for Nurses. After finishing the exam, your result will be printed and given to you.

Again, the questions are easy but you might want to review on the basics first. The computations are no brainer; it required no aid of a calculator or complex formula. Sometimes, the answers can be found on the questions, diagrams or graphs.

For directions of Ateneo Professional School, just search in Google Maps by typing Ateneo Professional Schools Philippines.

That’s it. Good luck on your Prometric Saudi Council Exam!

Dutdutan 2011 Tattoo Expo World Trade Center


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The Philippine Tattoo Expo will be a two day event, happening at the World Trade Center. It will be a showcase of the talents of Philippine tattoo artists. Aside from the tattoo competition, there will also be a bikini contest, drum duel, URCC’s Mixed Martial Arts Fights and performances from Filipino Bands.
August 26-27, 2011

World Trade Center Metro Manila

12nn - 2am

Admission Fee
P 250 (1 Day Pass)
P 450 (2 Day Pass
Bands (partial): 
Valley of Chrome
General Luna
Tanya Markova
The Dawn

The 2nd day happens to be the same date of Sonic Boom Anniversary. It’ll be a hard decision which event to go to. Or I can just rest because I’ll be running a 21K at the Earth Run 2011 on the 28th...

Last Episode of The Price is Right Philippines


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I was invited to watch the last episode of ABS CBN’s The Price is Right by one of my best friend, one of the PIR Boys (also a Bicolano), Felix Mitre. It was my first time to watch inside a TV studio and the experience was really great. We arrived on the set an hour before the show and the studio players with the audience are already there. There was some briefing before the show, like how to clap and stand when prompted. Mr. Feliciano taught the audience how to perform the dancing and chanting part. Giveaways were given though me and my friends were not given anything coz we’re a bit late. But the best part is we were given seats at the second row of the audience, just enough to be given exposure to national television.

The adorable Bimby!

Some of the guests
The show went well, doing the usual Price is Right routine. What was different is the studio players were coached by some of well known actors and actresses of ABS CBN like Erich, Enchong Dy, Randy, Gary Estrada, Jhong Hilario, Dimples Romana and Vice Ganda. Most of the prices were grabbed by luck studio players, except the major price. If I was the player of the final round, I could’ve bagged that Mini Cooper, a trip to Macau and the other price which I forgot.

I did enjoy watching the show. Too bad for my friend because it’s the end of The Price is Right. I hope he’ll be given an offer for another program at ABS CBN. No announcement of a next season of PIR but Ms. Kris Aquino announced that the Deal or No Deal will have a comeback at the 4th quarter of 2011.

What is Horsemaning?


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Others say that horsemaning is the new planking. But a photograph as early as 1920’s shows that planking is the new horsemaning. 
From the 1920's
To the present

Horsemaning, the latest photo trend, is an optical illusion that mimics a beheaded person. Unlike planking and owling, this requires a friend to execute a picture perfect pose. Who will be the first celebrity to try the latest trend?

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 5 Now Available at NikeiD


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The very first Nike SB you can customize at NikeiD is the Paul Rodriguez 5 Lunarlon. You can check it out at the NikeiD website under the Action Sports tab. 

Customization includes elephant print leather, standard leather and classic suede. Too bad, it’s not available here in the Philippines.

Xbox 360 Dance Central 2 List of Songs (Partial)


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What’s better than the usual karaoke night during drinking sprees at home? It’s dancing to the tunes of your favourite songs with Xbox 360’s Dance Central. I’m not a good dancer but I do enjoy doing the “dougie” (Teach Me How to Jerk by Audio Push) and other cool dancing steps. The XBox Kinect sensor beats the other motion sensing enabled consoles (Wii and PlayStation Eye) since you can play without holding any controller and it literally sense your body movements, from head to toe!

My niece doing the Dougie

The first Dance Central is a huge success for XBox, it increased the sales of their console and the Kinect Sensor. It features 32 songs (without the add ons) from various artists like Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Rihanna, Beastie Boys, No Doubt, Salt n Peppa, etc.  The game play is fun and addicting, especially after a couple of beer when the alcohol induced bravery kicks in.

Dance Central 2 Demo

The Dance Central 2 is announced to be released this December 2011. The game play is very much the same but it features a simultaneous play, the original only allowed one dancer at a time even at Battle Mode. It is expected to have a hundred songs minus the add ons. I guess that’s enough to burn the calories from beer consumption.:)

The partial list of songs for Dance Central 2:

•    Venus – Bananarama
•    Nuthin on You – BOB featuring Bruno Mars
•    Like a G6 – Far East Movement
•    Bulletproof – La Roux
•    This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
•    Massive Attack – Nikki Minaj
•    Rude Boy – Rihanna
•    DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love – Usher

This will be updated when the full list is announced.

Get Free Meals from Globe, BDO and SM Foodcourt


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Free meals at participating SM Foodcourt  concessionaires when you load your Globe and TM prepaid at any BDO ATM.  


GLOBE, BDO & SM Foodcourt “Super Loaded Meals” Promotion – Reload your Globe or TM Prepaid via BDO ATM and get instant SM Foodcourt freebies.

1. GLOBE, BDO & SM Foodcourt “Super Loaded Meals” is an instant rewards promotion open to All BDO Current, Savings and Cash Cards accountholders.

2. To qualify, the Accountholder must reload his/her Globe or TM prepaid mobile phones thru any BDO ATM machines nationwide. (Prepaid mobile reloading is also available thru phone, internet and mobile banking, for your convenience, although these are not part of this promo.)

3. Accountholder can instantly exchange his/her single or accumulated Globe or TM prepaid mobile reload ATM receipt/s for meal coupons at SM Foodcourt valued at 10% of the load value.

4. Below are the available denominations thru BDO ATM and the coupon value equivalent:

5. To redeem, surrender the Globe or TM prepaid mobile reload ATM receipts in the Beer Station of SM Foodcourt in exchange for a meal coupon. The coupon may be used to GET FREE FOOD AND DRINKS FROM OVER 400 SM FOODCOURT CHOICES!

6. To use the coupon, surrender it to your choice of food concessionaire. There is no cash back option.

7. The promo period is from July 15 to October 15, 2011.

8. Redemption of the instant reward is from July 15 to December 15, 2011. Last day of redemption is on December 15, 2011.

9. BDO shall not be obliged to recognize or replace any unissued, unreadable, misplaced, lost or stolen ATM receipts.

Promo duration is from July 15 to October 15, 2011.
Last day of redemption is on December 15, 2011.

List of Android Phones Supported by Skype Video Calls


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I enjoy instant messaging services for mobile phones as they require no additional network fees when connected to Wi-Fi or an unlimited data plan. One of the leading instant messaging service is Skype, it is stable and has good quality voice and video calls.

You can install Skype application to most OS today, but not all support video calls. My cell phone, an Android powered HTC Desire HD was not capable of doing so, but recently Skype rolled out a new version that makes it possible for my phone (along with other Android devices) to support video conference. One downside for my HTC DHD is there’s no front camera on it. Either I let who I’m talking to see me using the 8MP main camera or I’m the one to view them.

Still, the latest version of Skype is a good upgrade.:)

Here’s the list of the Skype video calls enabled Android phones:

•  Acer A5
•  HTC Desire (2.2)
•  HTC Desire HD
•  HTC Evo 3D
•  HTC Evo 4G
•  HTC Flyer
•  HTC Incredible S
•  HTC Sensation
•  HTC Thunderbolt - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
•  LG Revolution - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
•  Samsung Droid Charge - Verizon (2.2) (US only)
•  Samsung Galaxy S
•  Samsung Galaxy S II
•  Samsung Galaxy Tab
•  Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
•  Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
•  Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Free Facebook Mobile Access for 90 Days


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Free Facebook for 90 days by using Facebook mobile? I saw this when I accessed FB through my desktop. 

Not sure about the free FB access for 90 days by using your Smart and Globe powered mobile phones, there could be hidden charges or anything. The thing is I don’t need a free access since I’m using a portable WiFi (Sun Broadband). But I might try this with my Android phone when I have the time. What happened after I clicked the “Get Facebook Mobile” button is it asked me to confirm my number and then send a SMS to my phone. Since I already have a Facebook for Android, I was just prompted to update to the latest version. 

If anyone of you guys tried the free access for 90 days thingy, please hit the comment button and share your thought/experience about it.

Free Coffee at McDonalds August 8 to 12, 2011


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Unlike PAGCOR’s 1B worth of coffee, McDonalds is giving away premium roasted coffee for free. 

Get a free 8 oz. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee from August 8 to 12 at any McDonald's breakfast store from 4:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. 

Be on the lookout for the McDonald’s crew who will distribute the coupons in selected offices, universities, colleges, terminals, churches and even outside the McDonald’s stores nationwide starting August 5!


1. Present the "Free Coffee" coupon at any McDonald's breakfast store from 4:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., from August 8 to 12 to get an 8oz McCafe Premium Roast Coffee. 

2. Only one (1) 8oz. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee can be claimed per coupon. No purchase requirement. 

3. Coupon will be surrendered at the counter upon redemption of the free coffee. Redemption will be within the promo period only. No coupon, no free coffee. 

4. Promo is available for Dine-in, Take-out and Drive-Thru only. Not available for any McDelivery service. 

5. Coupon cannot be used to upsize/upgrade a drink of any value meal. 

6. The free coffee is non-refillable. 

7. Coupon is not exchangeable for cash and/or other McDonald's products. 

8. McDonald's reserves the right to refuse redemption of coupon if it was found to be tampered with. Only original coupons or McDonald's issued coupons will be accepted. 

9. Only one coupon can be redeemed in a single transaction. 

10. McDonald's reserves the right to replace the free item printed on the coupon at its discretion without any prior notice.

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