Last Episode of The Price is Right Philippines

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I was invited to watch the last episode of ABS CBN’s The Price is Right by one of my best friend, one of the PIR Boys (also a Bicolano), Felix Mitre. It was my first time to watch inside a TV studio and the experience was really great. We arrived on the set an hour before the show and the studio players with the audience are already there. There was some briefing before the show, like how to clap and stand when prompted. Mr. Feliciano taught the audience how to perform the dancing and chanting part. Giveaways were given though me and my friends were not given anything coz we’re a bit late. But the best part is we were given seats at the second row of the audience, just enough to be given exposure to national television.

The adorable Bimby!

Some of the guests
The show went well, doing the usual Price is Right routine. What was different is the studio players were coached by some of well known actors and actresses of ABS CBN like Erich, Enchong Dy, Randy, Gary Estrada, Jhong Hilario, Dimples Romana and Vice Ganda. Most of the prices were grabbed by luck studio players, except the major price. If I was the player of the final round, I could’ve bagged that Mini Cooper, a trip to Macau and the other price which I forgot.

I did enjoy watching the show. Too bad for my friend because it’s the end of The Price is Right. I hope he’ll be given an offer for another program at ABS CBN. No announcement of a next season of PIR but Ms. Kris Aquino announced that the Deal or No Deal will have a comeback at the 4th quarter of 2011.

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The show ended already? How come? It seems like only yesterday when it started. =)

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