Planking in Latin Means Worshipping the Devil?

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Another rumor is circulating that planking is a Latin word derived from "Flanking" which means worshipping the devil. One of my Facebook friend posted "Planking in Latin means worshiping the devil in a parallel position” Flanking or Planking (resting exercise ) - is an old Eastern Religious practice or demonic exercise that leads to death to many people in the past, they are now beginning to revive this demonic practice and most victim are young people - Don’t do that and pls don’t be an example of this demonic practice. Pass to your Love ones..."

Best Planking Ever!
Planking and Flanking is not a Latin word. The closest translation you'll get to planking is "Tabula" which also refers to a piece of wood, the word planking came from. Whoever came up with the chain status message must've been annoyed at plankers.

Planking, Owling and even Horsemaning is out of style...
Safe planking everyone!

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