Adipure: Adidas Barefoot Shoe

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Many shoe companies want a share of the growing running barefoot trend. Popularized by the book “Born to Run”, it’s not a surprise you’ll see a lot of runners wearing their Vibram Five Fingers and other minimalist shoes. There are those who are even crossing the finish line of half and full marathons with bare feet (literally).
I tried running with VFF Bikila since March 2011, and since then I prefer using it than my other running shoes (mostly Adidas). The only time I finished a half marathon without my Bikila (after owning one) was at the The Northface Trail Run Cam Sur event last May. I love the VFF Bikila so much that I highly recommended it to my sister, who is also a runner.

My VFF Bikila

Adidas, a company I respect for their running shoes, announced the release of a Vibram Five Fingers look alike Adipure. It will be released on November 2011. The announcement received mixed reactions from both running and non running community. Owners of VFFs said that it’s a clone of Vibram’s barefoot shoes; Adidas lovers said it looks cool and are looking forward the release date of the Adipure in the Philippines. Non runners also gave mixed reactions, saying that the shoe design is ugly while others are interested in sporting one. There are also those who said that there’s a chance Adidas will be sued by VFF the same way Fila was sued because of patent issues with Skeletoes.

Adidas Adipure for Men

Fila Skeletoes

My take on Adidas Adipure? I’m not totally against it; I’ll have my word when I get to try one. But for now, I’m sticking with my VFF Bikila. I just hope that competitions between minimalist and barefoot shoes will lead to lowering their price tags.:)

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Oh yeah! This is so cool, I wanna grab one later, I like the Fila design better. How much is this?

I don't know if they're selling Skeletoes here in the Philippines. It is cheaper compared to Vibram, around 2500 PhP.

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