Free Facebook Mobile Access for 90 Days

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Free Facebook for 90 days by using Facebook mobile? I saw this when I accessed FB through my desktop. 

Not sure about the free FB access for 90 days by using your Smart and Globe powered mobile phones, there could be hidden charges or anything. The thing is I don’t need a free access since I’m using a portable WiFi (Sun Broadband). But I might try this with my Android phone when I have the time. What happened after I clicked the “Get Facebook Mobile” button is it asked me to confirm my number and then send a SMS to my phone. Since I already have a Facebook for Android, I was just prompted to update to the latest version. 

If anyone of you guys tried the free access for 90 days thingy, please hit the comment button and share your thought/experience about it.

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this service is also in pakistan with ufone network nice application

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