Nokia N8: 12 MP, 16GB and Lot More Specs


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Nokia finally announced officially the Nokia N8, the company’s first 12 megapixel phone. It also supports HD video recording and video editing software preinstalled. The newest Nokia Flagship to be will run under new operating software, Symbian 3.

The internal memory of Nokia N8 is 16GB and is expandable to 42GB. It has 3.5 inch capacitive 360x640 screen and is only

Plants vs Zombies and Family Feud on Facebook


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Facebook applications, like gadgets, come and go. Users flock from one application to other applications. I quit playing games in Facebook like Mafia Wars, Farmville and Texas Poker. But if there’s a new game that will make me play a new game in Facebook again that will be the popular Plants vs. Zombies.

I really hope that the makers of Plants versus Zombies will make a Facebook application. But last time I check was there’s only a Fan Page of the game. I was disappointed for some time but I stumbled upon a new game on Facebook that is something I love to play way back, Family Feud.

The game is very much the same like playing Family Game in Television; you can ask help from your friends by asking them to play the Fast Money Round. Interaction and Audio is great but you can only play certain episodes per day. I’ll still be waiting for Plant vs Zombies in Facebook but for now, I’ll enjoy Family Feud. Here's the link to the Application.

How to Get More Comments and Likes on Status Updates on Facebook


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If you want interaction with your online friends and get more comments and likes on your status updates you can try these tips.

  • Put something funny on your status. It could be a joke, a witty line or something humorous that happened to you recently.
  • Write something positive. Cheer up and encourage others to have a happy feeling.
  • Write interesting or somewhat weird facts on your wall post. Put useful information that your friends will like.
  • Upload interesting or funny pictures on your wall.
  • And something you might want to experiment on and create a controversy, toggle with your relationship status from single to in a relationship or vice versa. This will keep those comments coming.

What Earth Run? Feels Like Earth Walk To Me


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Earth Run 2010 is a success for me. Despite the “unorganized” distribution of kits in Trinoma and Glorietta 3, and the rumored no energy drinks during stops, the event went well and more than 7000 runners had fun running around the Fort during the race.
5K Runners
Singlet Back Design
Innergize Energy Drink
Since two Fun Runs took place earlier today, one in Mall of Asia which was sponsored by Nat Geo and Earth Run in the Fort sponsored by Solar Entertainment, it’s not hard to compare the 2 events. According to those who participate in Nat Geo’s Earth Run, they were disappointed by the lack of freebies and water stops service by the organizers. It’s expected that the Nat Geo Earth Run

5th Generation of Pokemon Series Pokemon Black and White Release in Japan


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I’m not really a big fan of Pokemon but one of my friends is. Japan Nintendo announced the upcoming release of the newest Pokemon game called Pokemon Black and White. It will be released both for portable DS and web DSi

Nothing is known about the new game yet but it is one thing to anticipate for sure for the Pokemon fans.

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010: Who Will Make it To Final Four?


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What’s the “Clash” in PBB Teen Edition 2010? Yesterday, Big Brother opened his house once again to 15 teens, 7 guys and 8 girls that will stay in 2 separate houses called the apartment and the villa. All the fortunate or rich kids will stay in the apartment and the less fortunate teens are going to stay in the villa. Another new PBB teen housemate will enter Bahay ni Kuya tonight, a girl or a guy depending on the outcome of decision related to the health of the originally selected girl, if she is not allowed to join the competition then a male alternate will replace her.

Competitions between the two houses are expected like the previous Big Brother Double Up. Big Brother already announced about a

Wowowee's Upgrades to New Studio Set and Hosts


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A few minutes ago Wowowee main host Willy Revillame introduced four new hosts to be part of the Wowowee family. The Malaysian superstar Carmen Soo, California born Isabelle Abiera, UP Lady Maroon’s Jed Montero and commercial model Kelly Misa will be hosting along with senior co-hosts Pokwang, Valerie Concepcion, Mariel Rodriguez and RR Enriquez.

Wowowee’s upgrade with new hosts came along with better studio set. The new hosts managed to mix well with the senior hosts though it is apparent that the old hosts are better and more comfortable with what they are doing. Carmen Soo and Isabelle Abiera both have accents and have difficulty speaking the native tongue.

Playing Farmville, Mafia Wars and Texas Hold Em Poker with my Mobile Phone


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Is it possible to play Mafia Wars, Farmville and other Facebook games and applications using a cell phone? It is possible using a Windows Mobile powered mobile phone. But what if you’re using Symbian OS? It is very possible using a third party browser, Skyfire.

For this, I am using a Nokia N97 and my friend’s other N Series and E Series (E61, E72) Nokia phones. I installed the latest Skyfire browser, connect through wifi and opened my Facebook account. Basically, you can play videos and music using the browser.  Skyfire

Stephenie Meyer’s New Book: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner


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Twilight fans have a new book to add to their bookshelves. Stephenie Meyer finished a 192 page story about a newborn vampire fro tmhe third installment of the Saga, Eclipse. The book will be available online on June 5, 2010.

The Second Life of Bree Banner is narrated by the newborn vampire Bree from Eclipse who was created by Victoria in revenge
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