Playing Farmville, Mafia Wars and Texas Hold Em Poker with my Mobile Phone

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Is it possible to play Mafia Wars, Farmville and other Facebook games and applications using a cell phone? It is possible using a Windows Mobile powered mobile phone. But what if you’re using Symbian OS? It is very possible using a third party browser, Skyfire.

For this, I am using a Nokia N97 and my friend’s other N Series and E Series (E61, E72) Nokia phones. I installed the latest Skyfire browser, connect through wifi and opened my Facebook account. Basically, you can play videos and music using the browser.  Skyfire uses Mozilla Firefox on another server and is very light on the phone’s memory. It delivers full version of websites like Youtube, Facebook, etc. As for the gaming experience like playing Farmville, it’s almost like using a desktop with all the sounds and animations. Playing Texas Hold Em Poker is possible too though sometimes the game hangs from time to time.

Most web browser for mobiles lacks something when comes to full functionality compared to an Internet browser for desktops and notebooks. But with the Mozilla like browser Skyfire it nearly made my mobile phone a netbook replacement.

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