Bone Thugs N Harmony in Mall of Asia


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Watch Layzie Bone, Wish Bone and Krayzie Bone perform live in Manila during their The Crossroads Asia Tour 2010.

Ticket Prizes: 

PhP 2238
PhP 1343
PhP 671

Venue: SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia.

Visit Ticketworld.

Nike Club 5KM Run Manila


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Nike Philippines will be organizing a running event for December 5 2010. Yes, that’s the same date with QCIM2. Well, the target participants for the Nike Club Run Manila are students, so it’ll be no problem for them to be getting some participants (registration for students is only 100 PhP). Sad to say, obviously there’s no singlet for this race.

Another run that is going to take place on December 5 2010 is the 1st Nurse’s Fun Run, a 3.5KM buddy system run. Although the prize money for this run is high and I’m a nurse, I registered for the 21K category of Quezon City International Marathon for some reasons.

Team Facebook or Team Google?


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It’s apparent that Facebook is going all the way for total web domination. It is not settling for 2nd, so what the option is? Compete head to head with the number 1, Google. It is not a surprise that FB is removing Gmail in its 3rd party email providers. 

With the recent announcement of the new Facebook Messaging service and email address to be assigned to FB users still fresh, the social network giant is now suggesting to users to make it as its homepage. Doing so will boost a traffic and ranking of Facebook a great way. Notice that most Internet users don’t bother to change their home page (mine is actually still Google because it’s the default homepage for Firefox).

Do you guys think the social network king can overthrow the search engine king? Will you use the email ad when it’s made available? What is your current homepage?  Hit the comments section below.

My 15K Run Experience at Run United 2 (Unilab)


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I finished a 15K run this morning at the Run United 2 event. After 1 hour and 45 minutes, I managed to cross the finish line in one piece and free from injury (except for the bruise under my armpits due to excessive friction). I may not be as fast as the other competitive runners, but I enjoyed the whole race.

The event was great. No problems encountered and the water stations are sufficient. I appreciate the sponges of cold water since it really helped a lot in cooling down. The race started as scheduled and the post event amenities, freebies are awesome. One complaint though is our singlets are not yet delivered. But I guess no race is perfect. Never mind the singlet, the event itself is more important than that. I still like Run Rio as race event organizer. Although I and my running buddy don’t bother to line up for some freebies because of the long queue, we did gain something more important than those material things. We get free pointers from a good running coach. 

Coach PJ

I’m happy with my first 15K experience. I enjoyed being able to finish without worrying about cramps and side stitches. In fact, I feel like I could go on another 5 kilometers more. I guess, knowing one's limits and following the Galloway method helped a lot.

Facebook Email? Meh!


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Why? There’s too much personal information attached to it. I will never use one on a resume or bank transactions, etc.  So, I’ll pass on an email ad.

Download and Install Swype for Nokia


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Swype is now available for download via Ovi Store! But the final version is only available for Nokia N8. Other touch screen phones can also try this new way of typing by downloading and installing the Beta version via Nokia Beta Labs.

Devices that are currently supported are Nokia N8, N97, N97mini, 5800, 5230, Nokia X6 and C6-00. I installed it on my Nokia N97 by copying the file to my phone memory (the 32GB internal memory) and the installation was quick and easy. 

Swiper no swiping!

I still have to familiarize myself using Swype and maybe I’ll do a follow up review after. First impression is I have difficulty using my big fingers Swyping, so I used the stylus dongle for my phone. I think Swype is fun but nothing beats the old comfortable QWERTY for fast and accurate typing. I guess the saying “Once you go QWERTY, you never go back” defeats the “Why Swype when you can type”.

Google Maps Best Navigation Directions


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I found this on Facebook and had a good laugh out of it. Try this!
1. Go to Google Maps.
2. Go to "Get Directions".
3. Type Taiwan as the start location.
4. Type China as the end location.
5. Read STEP 24 of the directions. 

Google knows everything. Right?!

Manny Pacquiao Nike Training Shoe


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Show your support to the Filipino champion and greatest pound for pound boxer by wearing these Nike Trainers 1.2.

Manny’s new training shoes offer both speed and stability, with Flywire to secure your foot and provide extra stability when you’re going all out. Don’t wait after the Margarito – Pacman fight, grab one now at Nike Stores near you. 

Nike SB Stefan Janoski Brown Rattan December Release


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I want this for Christmas.

The all time favorite Stefan Janoski in another colorway, this time in Brown/Rattan color with interchangeable brown leather and cord laces.

Watch The Walking Dead on Skycable


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I watched the premiere of The Walking Dead and it was awesome. I always love zombie apocalypse movies. The series premiered on 4 cable channels, Channel V, Star World, Fox and FX. The first episode, “Days Gone By” showed officer Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma only to find a world overrun by Zombies. 

My First Half Marathon: QCIM 2010


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I registered for 2 running events for November and December, 15K at the Unilab Run and 21K for the much anticipated Quezon City International Marathon.

I paid 600 PhP for the 21K since we registered late for the event. The race kits will be given on November 27-28th at UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni. The QCIM 2 will take place on December 5 2010 at the Quezon City Circle. Registration is only up to November 7th. 

Stefan Janoski Forest Green Nike SB November 2010 Release


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The Forest Green Stefan Janoski Nike SB is almost similar to my Festive/Pine Green Janoski that was released last July. The difference is a different hue of green and the black swoosh and green leather laces.

Here’s the Photo.

Photo from

Available soon at your favorite skate shop.

Registered for Unilab Run 15K


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I and my sister will be running at the Unilab Run, the 3rd leg of the Runrio Trilogy. Our last run was at the Adidas KOTR 10K and decided to try the 15K this time. We registered at the New Balance outlet at the 5th floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall. 

Our RunRio card from the Rexona Run is not accepted so we registered again using the iPad and was given new cards for future registrations.

Here’s the photo of the Race kit and some freebies from Unilab.

Shaq Dressed as Beyonce for Halloween


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Celebrating Halloween is when people get a chance to dress up whatever they want. But the 7” 1’ giant Shaquille O’Neal chose to be funny (or weird) looking drag queen as he dressed as Beyonce and lip sync “Sweet Dreams” by the same singer.

Here’s the video.

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