My First Half Marathon: QCIM 2010

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I registered for 2 running events for November and December, 15K at the Unilab Run and 21K for the much anticipated Quezon City International Marathon.

I paid 600 PhP for the 21K since we registered late for the event. The race kits will be given on November 27-28th at UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni. The QCIM 2 will take place on December 5 2010 at the Quezon City Circle. Registration is only up to November 7th. 
I’m very excited for my first half marathon, but there’s still a lot of preparation to be done. I’m doing my regular runs 4 times a week and trying to go healthy on the food I eat. I’m also preparing myself mentally by conditioning myself to think I can finish the race by using my strengths and not ignoring my limitations. I also read blogs of veteran runners knowing that they will be a great help since they know better than me. See you guys at the QCIM 2!

For info and updates go to this link.

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