The Best Fried Chicken Goes to Bigg’s Diner


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We have different tastes for fried chicken. Some like it spicy, some preferred it with gravy. But for me, the best fried chicken is something you can enjoy without needing to put anything to it. I found my best fried chicken for me at Bigg’s Diner in Naga City.

We had a trip a couple of week ago to Camarines Sur, a place where I lived 24 years of my life. The time we were traveling going there I know I have to visit my favorite places to eat and instantly think of Biggs Diner’s comfy place and retro look. Among my top choices are their fried chicken, tenderloin tips, cordon bleu, hamburger and barbecue. They have a different taste that stands out among other restaurants. The chicken is crispy yet juicy inside making it enough to satisfy your taste buds without the help of any condiments. Or if you want to make a sauce that is just perfect for it, try mixing the hot sauce and seasoning for a taste that resembles barbecue sauce.

Nokia X5-01 Unboxing


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During our vacation in Singapore a week ago, my mom decided to look for an affordable Wi-Fi enabled phone to be used as her secondary phone. I recommended the Nokia C3 but was  disappointed by the lack of 3G. A salesman showed us the Nokia X3-02 which is a candy form touch screen phone with Wi-Fi but my mom said it was ordinary looking. Then we stumbled upon a cute looking Nokia phone, the Nokia X5-01. We bought the phone at the Nokia Shop at Funan Digital Life Mall in Singapore at a price of 299 Singaporean Dollar.

The phone has all the usual stuffs except the secondary phone for video conference. It is a square shaped slider phone that has a dedicated button for music access, which can sometimes be annoying since I keep on accidentally pressing it whenever I press the back/exit button. Shaking the phone for changing the music works but you have to shake it hard to do so. The built is great, no wobbly parts so far. The back of the Nokia X5 is made of metal, which make it elegant looking. The memory card is located at the back of the battery; you have to turn the unit off to remove/insert the memory card. The mobile phone got a 2 GB Micro SD included. Other things inside the box are the charger, manuals, PC data connector and cheap looking headphones. The sound of the Nokia X5 is loud and clear. The dancing game is that is installed is fun to play with.

Cam Sur, Singapore and a Couple of Kilos Heavier After


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Hi to my nonexistent readers! I was out on vacation for 2 weeks, a week in Camarines Sur (my province) and a week in Singapore. I love and miss Universal Studio, Sentosa and the streets of Singapore. There’s a lot to blog about from both trips but I’m not sure yet where to start. So, expect to read a lot about my travels, especially about wonderful places and tasty foods in my upcoming posts.

Also, I decided to go semi vegetarian after gaining a couple of kilograms after my vacation. So far, I survived day one without eating any meat. I had my dinner with my friends at Nomnomnom at Tomas Morato, the Ravioli was great and headed to California Berry for dessert. Check out what I ordered (decided to go weird with my frozen yogurt).

Gummy Bears and Lychee!

Pizza Log

So, till my next post. Still have to be early tomorrow for authentication of some documents in Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). So long Astoria!

Left 4 Dead (Flash) Facebook Application


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Stumbled upon this Left 4 Dead (Flash) Facebook Application. It’s basically about shooting zombies and surviving. The difference is it’s in 2D and you buy your guns and ammos. Not really scary as the PC game but I played it for about half an hour for the reason of me expecting something interesting to happen in the game like a story to kick in or something. But I just keep on shooting the zombies and the zombies gets faster and more difficult to kill. So, nothing happens really. Check out the screen shots I made.

2 Team Philippines in Amazing Race Asia 4


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Not one, but two teams composed of Filipinos in the latest Amazing Race Asia Season 4. A team of 2 girls, Jacinta James (Jess), a tattooist and Lani Pillinger, a model. Both girls are 27 years of age. The other team is composed of guys that share the same first name, Richard Hardin, a pro basketball player and Richard Herrera, an actor. 

Photos from

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera

Jacinta James and Lani Pillinger

Just Keep Running


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Joined 2 fun runs this September, St. Luke’s Urology Fun Run last September 5 and this week’s TakBONE Run for a Cause organized by St. Luke’s Orthopedics. Both runs end up well. The St. Luke’s Urology Run was held in the SLMC in Quezon City, while the TakBone in St. Luke’s Global.

Running is pretty easy to do. You just have to put your foot in front of another and you have to do it really fast... That’s a line from the movie Run Fatboy Run. Many do it for some reasons, but personally, running is my way of getting away from things, getting away from stress, boredom, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, problems, etc. Years before, I would say that my way of getting high is skateboarding, but because I’m a lot heavier than my teenage years, I can’t enjoy skating at present without injuring myself. So, running is my new addiction.

A Bicolano Blogger


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I blog, I’m a Bicolano, therefore I’m a Bicolano Blogger. I don’t know personally anyone that blogs from Bicol Region. I know that there are many Bloggers from Bicolandia but I don’t consider Tumblr, Friendster blog, Multiply Blog or other micro blogging platforms as a real blog. For me, it’s either Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress.

I grew up in the Capital Town of Camarines Sur, Pili and attended basic secondary and tertiary school in Naga City. I noticed that when someone asked a Bicolano from what province they’re from, they would automatically said they are from Bicol. The thing is Bicol is a region, not the province. So, in my case, I’m from Camarines Sur.

I am currently residing in Quezon City for almost 2 years now. My last visit to Camarines Sur was last May of 2009. Another thing I noticed is that most people that never been to Bicol Region thinks that it is somewhere in the Visayas Region or is a place of mountains, deep forest, rice fields and place of no signs of high technology. But if you’ve been to my old neighbourhood in Naga City, you’ll notice that it’s not that far compared to strolling Timog and Tomas Morato of Quezon City. Bars, Restos, 5 Star Hotels and there’s even a Starbucks, Kopi Roti and Yellow Cab Pizza along Magsaysay Avenue. WiFi hotspot everywhere and civilized, fashion/gadgets updated people roaming around. Pili, the Capital of Cam Sur is a now a well known tourist destination because of the CWC Waterpark, home of one of the best wakeboarding/wakeskating/water skiing park and a skateboarding park that is complete with half pipes, quarter pipes, ramps, funbox, rails and stairs and all you need for technical transition tricks. 

Top View Of the Cable Park and Lago del Rey (Picture taken from
Circa Team Skate Demo

Ms. Bicolandia 2010 Winners


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Ms. Bicolandia is the most prestigious beauty pageant held in Naga City. It is held every September during the Peñafrancia Fiesta. This year’s Miss Bicolandia was held in the newly constructed Metro naga Coliseum and was hosted by Marc Abaya and Carla Abellana.

The winners of the pageant are:

  • 4th Runner Up     Linda Buckland (Iriga City)
  • 3rd Runner Up     Joana Angelica Romero (Naga City)
  • 2nd Runner Up     Cindy Abundabar (Goa)
  • 1st Runner Up     Princess Arnillos (Nabua)
  • Ms. Bicolandia   Catherine Dominique Lagrimas (Iriga City)
Venus Raj with the Contestants
The Ms. Bicolandia Winners
Ex PBB Housmate Linda Buckland

Run For Pasig River 2010 (10-10-10)


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I already signed up online for the Run for Pasig River that will be happening this October 10 2010 (10-10-10). Registration is just 250 pesos and is open to all individuals. There will be 3K, 5k and a 10K category that will start from different starting points and ends in a single finish line. SM Mall of Asia (3Km), CCP Complex (5Km), and Makati (10Km), all converging to 1 finish line at the SM Mall of Asia where a grand celebration will also be held after the event.

Signing up is easy, just click this link. Print the registration form and pay at any BDO bank or you can pay to participating Bench Outlets when you are going to get the race kits. You can also claim and pay at Runnr (Bonifacio High Street), R.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street), Planet Sports (Rockwell), New Balance (Shangri-la Mall) and Nike (Fort Bonifacio).

Adidas Fluid Motion Review


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My dad bought new pair of trainers last week. He was really going for a running shoe at first but decided to go for the new Adidas Fluid Trainer. I can say, that’s an all around shoe and pretty good looking too.

My dad bought it at the Adidas Outlet in Gateway. The price is reasonable; I was expecting a higher price tag than 3995 PhP when I saw it. It is comfortable to wear and very light weight. The grip is good and it has full flexibility and full length cushioning system. I think it’ll do well for running also.

Without Flash
With Flash

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 2.5 Red or Stefan Janoski Grey Canvas?


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Both Available this September 2010. Never had a pair of Paul Rodriguez, but considering it since I love the color red on my feet. The latest Janoski is made of Canvas, complete with leather piping. 

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski Anthracite
Paul Rodriguez 2.5 September Release

Using GPS (Nokia Ovi Maps) in Philippines


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It was only a week ago since I successfully updated my Nokia N97 from version 10 to version 21. Yes, I was using the primitive version of Nokia N97 which is buggy, prone to crashes and incompatibility of new applications for Nokia for a year. Have this phone day after typhoon Ondoy. Still, I love the phone since I know how to use it properly and avoid crashes by proper memory management. I updated my N97 via Ovi Suite Software Updater for PC. I tried updating it for some months but it keeps on failing maybe because of the intermittent connection to Nokia’s Server. I hesitated to let the Nokia Care people to update my phone since it is required to sign a waiver that they’ll not be liable if they brick the phone. So, the phone is better now, with Kinetic (iPhone like) scrolling and the Free GPS Voice Navigation for Ovi Maps.

I tried having a satellite fix for my GPS while in a car. It took around 3 to 5 minutes to get a fix, but once you get a lock on your GPS unit it’s faster the next time. I advise to use the Location Application first, press the GPS Data, press Position and press option, then select Satellite Position. You’ll be able to see bars with signal strength for GPS Satellites. You need at least 4 to get a fix. Once the signal bars’ color turned blue and coordinates appeared in your screen, that’s an indication of a successful Satellite fix on your Nokia N97 GPS.
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