Cam Sur, Singapore and a Couple of Kilos Heavier After

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Hi to my nonexistent readers! I was out on vacation for 2 weeks, a week in Camarines Sur (my province) and a week in Singapore. I love and miss Universal Studio, Sentosa and the streets of Singapore. There’s a lot to blog about from both trips but I’m not sure yet where to start. So, expect to read a lot about my travels, especially about wonderful places and tasty foods in my upcoming posts.

Also, I decided to go semi vegetarian after gaining a couple of kilograms after my vacation. So far, I survived day one without eating any meat. I had my dinner with my friends at Nomnomnom at Tomas Morato, the Ravioli was great and headed to California Berry for dessert. Check out what I ordered (decided to go weird with my frozen yogurt).

Gummy Bears and Lychee!

Pizza Log

So, till my next post. Still have to be early tomorrow for authentication of some documents in Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). So long Astoria!

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