The Best Fried Chicken Goes to Bigg’s Diner

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We have different tastes for fried chicken. Some like it spicy, some preferred it with gravy. But for me, the best fried chicken is something you can enjoy without needing to put anything to it. I found my best fried chicken for me at Bigg’s Diner in Naga City.

We had a trip a couple of week ago to Camarines Sur, a place where I lived 24 years of my life. The time we were traveling going there I know I have to visit my favorite places to eat and instantly think of Biggs Diner’s comfy place and retro look. Among my top choices are their fried chicken, tenderloin tips, cordon bleu, hamburger and barbecue. They have a different taste that stands out among other restaurants. The chicken is crispy yet juicy inside making it enough to satisfy your taste buds without the help of any condiments. Or if you want to make a sauce that is just perfect for it, try mixing the hot sauce and seasoning for a taste that resembles barbecue sauce.

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I heard that Bigg’s Diner opened a branch in Lipa Batangas, I hope that they’ll open a Bigg’s Diner in Quezon City as well, preferably at Tomas Morato or Timog so that I can easily reach it when I crave for good food that reminds me of home. 

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