2 Team Philippines in Amazing Race Asia 4

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Not one, but two teams composed of Filipinos in the latest Amazing Race Asia Season 4. A team of 2 girls, Jacinta James (Jess), a tattooist and Lani Pillinger, a model. Both girls are 27 years of age. The other team is composed of guys that share the same first name, Richard Hardin, a pro basketball player and Richard Herrera, an actor. 

Photos from axn-asia.com.

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera

Jacinta James and Lani Pillinger

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 (TARA 4) premieres in September 23 2010. It will be shown every Thursday at 9:00 PM in Singapore, Philippines, India, Malaysia and at 10:00 PM Hong Kong.

I love to see the girls took on the challenges. See their bios and updates on this link.

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