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Joined 2 fun runs this September, St. Luke’s Urology Fun Run last September 5 and this week’s TakBONE Run for a Cause organized by St. Luke’s Orthopedics. Both runs end up well. The St. Luke’s Urology Run was held in the SLMC in Quezon City, while the TakBone in St. Luke’s Global.

Running is pretty easy to do. You just have to put your foot in front of another and you have to do it really fast... That’s a line from the movie Run Fatboy Run. Many do it for some reasons, but personally, running is my way of getting away from things, getting away from stress, boredom, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, problems, etc. Years before, I would say that my way of getting high is skateboarding, but because I’m a lot heavier than my teenage years, I can’t enjoy skating at present without injuring myself. So, running is my new addiction.

I joined 5 5K runs and 1 3.5K run. I’m planning to join 2 5K runs this October before joining a 10K run. Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) 2010 will be my first 10K run. So, right now I’m basically preparing myself for my very first 10K run. It’s not really that easy since I do love to eat a lot, drink beers a lot and remain a couch (or mouse) potato most of the times. Good thing is I already kicked my smoking habit. And luckily, I have a sister and some friends that share the same passion for running, it really helps a lot.

From this day on, I will not stop, I will not falter. I’m going to run until I can finish my first Ultramarathon.

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