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I blog, I’m a Bicolano, therefore I’m a Bicolano Blogger. I don’t know personally anyone that blogs from Bicol Region. I know that there are many Bloggers from Bicolandia but I don’t consider Tumblr, Friendster blog, Multiply Blog or other micro blogging platforms as a real blog. For me, it’s either Blogger (Blogspot) or WordPress.

I grew up in the Capital Town of Camarines Sur, Pili and attended basic secondary and tertiary school in Naga City. I noticed that when someone asked a Bicolano from what province they’re from, they would automatically said they are from Bicol. The thing is Bicol is a region, not the province. So, in my case, I’m from Camarines Sur.

I am currently residing in Quezon City for almost 2 years now. My last visit to Camarines Sur was last May of 2009. Another thing I noticed is that most people that never been to Bicol Region thinks that it is somewhere in the Visayas Region or is a place of mountains, deep forest, rice fields and place of no signs of high technology. But if you’ve been to my old neighbourhood in Naga City, you’ll notice that it’s not that far compared to strolling Timog and Tomas Morato of Quezon City. Bars, Restos, 5 Star Hotels and there’s even a Starbucks, Kopi Roti and Yellow Cab Pizza along Magsaysay Avenue. WiFi hotspot everywhere and civilized, fashion/gadgets updated people roaming around. Pili, the Capital of Cam Sur is a now a well known tourist destination because of the CWC Waterpark, home of one of the best wakeboarding/wakeskating/water skiing park and a skateboarding park that is complete with half pipes, quarter pipes, ramps, funbox, rails and stairs and all you need for technical transition tricks. 

Top View Of the Cable Park and Lago del Rey (Picture taken from cwcwake.com)
Circa Team Skate Demo
Basilica Minore
Caramoan Islands
Avenue Plaza

There are of course lot of place in Camarines Sur and whole Bicol Region that is not yet developed. But, I love that place just the way it is. I love the foods and the people too. A mix of urban and rural, new and old, wild and conservative. I'm going back there this coming Peñafrancia Fiesta but have to leave for Singapore after a few days. To other Bicolano Bloggers out there, please leave a comment and a link of your blog. Dios Mabalos!

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try visiting http://planet.naga.ph/ and you'll see a lot of Bicolano bloggers there. if you have time i also have a list on my page on the right side "Bloggers Deck" they are bloggers from Naga particularly :D

nice to see a fellow blogger from CamSur :)

Tagal na po ako follower ng NCD.:)Thanks for the tip! Will read blogs of fellow Bicolanos.

thanks for that. appreciate it. i added you on my links.
MOre power!

hi! try visiting http://legazpifabmoda.blogspot.com from Legazpi City, you will enjoy reading it.

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