Left 4 Dead (Flash) Facebook Application

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Stumbled upon this Left 4 Dead (Flash) Facebook Application. It’s basically about shooting zombies and surviving. The difference is it’s in 2D and you buy your guns and ammos. Not really scary as the PC game but I played it for about half an hour for the reason of me expecting something interesting to happen in the game like a story to kick in or something. But I just keep on shooting the zombies and the zombies gets faster and more difficult to kill. So, nothing happens really. Check out the screen shots I made.

You can control the character by using the arrows or the letters WASD for directions, the numbers 1, 2, and 3, for weapon selections and the mouse for aiming and shooting. You can place barriers that will save you some time before the zombie can reach you. You can finish a stage by just remaining stationary in a spot.

If you like scaring yourself, play the Left 4 Dead for PC. That thing scared the s*** out of me. If you’re tired of all the levels, just download maps and campaigns for the add-ons. I even get a Plants Versus Zombies Maps for Left for Dead from this link. The Left 4 Dead for Facebook is in this link.

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