Go Kart: The Closest Thing I Get to Driving Fast


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One lazy Sunday afternoon, 2 friends visited me in my place and asked me to join them on one of their spur of the moment adventure. The itinerary: Pancit food trip in Malabon, Go Kart in Star City and street food galore in University of the Philippines. I’m not really into pigging out that time since I’m desperate of getting rid of my ever bulging tummy. But since they mentioned a race at the Kart Track, I decided to give it a go since I never tried doing that kind of thing.

The Go Kart looked dangerous at first and I almost had a second thought of getting on those speed machines. I’m aware of the dangers and stories of accidents occurred in that place, but still I decided to push on. We paid 350 PhP each for a 12 minutes ride on the race track. We were required to put on a helmet and were instructed to use the breaks when turning and when the red flag is waved. Being a beginner, I tested the accelerator first and was glad that it was not that fast when you’re starting to leave the pit stop. I concentrated on breaking at every turn and staying on track the first few turns. Then my instinct to get faster and let go came afterward. Skidding, accelerating and turning without breaking plus an I don’t care attitude is a wonderful feeling. I finished the 12 minutes safe with only an incident of bumping on a rear end of another driver. It was a great experience for me.

Got My Passport Delivered After 14 Days


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I had my appearance at DFA last August 13th and preferred mine processed as Express Priority. I was expecting my passport to be delivered by our doorstep exactly 10 days after but it was only on the 27th of August when I received it by a 2GO courier.

I think there was no problem with the 2GO courier since I checked the status of the package via their website at www.2GO.com.ph. I entered the tracking number and was able to see that my passport was received and is already in transit earlier that day. The courier arrived in the afternoon. 

To check the status of your passport delivery, just go to www.2GO.com.ph, click the Customer Support tab, click Tracking and then select e-Trace. You just have to enter the 9 digit tracking number located at the upper right corner of your Consignment Note given at the DFA. You can also trace your package via SMS (text message) by typing 2GO space 1, followed by another space then your Consignment Number, send to 2390 for Globe, 2248 for Sun and 267 for Smart subscribers. If you want to learn about setting up an appointment for DFA Passport appearance, just go over my previous post about it.

PRC July 2010 (NLE) Nursing Licensure (Board) Examination Results


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The result for the July 2010 NLE (Board) Examination is said to be released either today, August 27, 2010 or tomorrow, August 28 2010. Thousands of examiners are now excited to know whether they passed or failed the board exam.

Who will be the top 10 and from what schools will they be from? Will the percentage of passing nurses be high this time? What are the top performing schools? I’ll post the link here as soon as the list is posted by the PRC.

Top 10 of the July 2010 Nursing Board here. 

List of the new registered nurses here.

Hatebreed Concert in Manila


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Hatebreed will be performing live in Philippines on November 6, 2010 at World Trade Center. Ticket price is 1,030 PhP for general admission. 

Featuring performances by:
Intolerant (Manila)
Piledriver (Laguna)
Bison (Baguio)
Quezon City Crew (Cebu)

Finally Copped a Stefan Janoski Nike SB


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I was dying to have a pair of a Janoski Nike SB for a long time.  I really love to have a pair of Obsidian White but finding one for sale is next to impossible. I was there when Republ1c at Pasong Tamo had the Tiffany/Mint Janoskis but was disappointed when they run out of stock 30 minutes after opening. And I waited for days for the Tiffanys to be available in WeLegendary in Kamuning.

Finally, they announced 2 days before August 22nd that they have Mint/Tiffany Janoskis on the 22nd. Since the store opens at 1:00 PM, I went there as early as 9:30 AM. Brilliant plan right? Wrong. There was a long line when I went there. Around 20 people ahead of me when I got there. I was really losing hope that time but decided to stay until the store opened. When WeLegendary finally opened at around 1:30 PM that day, they announced that they only have around 4 pairs for size 10.5, another 4 pairs for 9.5 and some pairs for sizes that is either too small or too big for my 10 size foot. I looked at the people ahead of me and knew that it’ll be another disappointment for me. A group of 5 at a time was allowed inside the shop at the same time. When we got our turn there was only a size 12 available. I was like I’ll buy this or what to the others inside of the shop. I was advised not to get it since it is too big for my size.

Kim Kardashian’s Big Butt on Nike Women Ad


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There’s a supposed to be advertisement that’s circulating around a couple of weeks now from Nike Women, a picture of voluptuous but still sexy Kim Kardashian displaying her big assets wearing a Nike training shoe. Below is the image of the ad.

But apparently, the picture is a fake and not from Nike Women. You’ll notice the word “embassador” which is an obvious misspelling of Ambassador. Still, it’ll be a good ad for Nike Women. Talking about capitalizing on different shapes of women’s body and Kardashian's...

Another Squeaky Sneaker: Macbeth Shoes


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Macbeth Footwear was co-founded in 2002 by musician band member Tom Delonge, known for fronting such acts as Blink 182, Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves. Since 2002, Macbeth has been at the forefront of collaborative effort with musicians, athletes and artist, creating a blended culture of products for everyday people. In the Philippines, local band Typecast, The Ambassadors and  Nyctinasty endorse Macbeth shoes.

“Vampires Suck” Sucks (No Pun Intended)


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Vampires Suck is a spoof of the popular vampire themed movie Twilight Saga. Although the casts of the movie did a great job portraying the original characters from the Original movie, the story line and fun factor don’t meet up my expectations.


Here are the names of some of the actors and actresses of the movie:

Step by Step Guide During Passport Appearance at DFA


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I already discussed from an earlier post on how to set up a DFA appearance. Here’s a step by step guide and what to expect when processing your passport in DFA. 

1.    Review all the required documents before going to DFA, have them photocopied. I advise you to have a pen with you. As a new applicant, I just presented my government issued ID (PRC), Birth Certificate from NSO and NBI clearance (which I don’t think is necessary, but they get my original copy of both my NSO and NBI clearance).
2.    Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appearance. Check passport.com.ph for the map location.
3.    Proceed to gate 3 and show your printed form.
4.    There’s a desk that will scan your form before going inside the building.
5.    Go inside; look for a line for checking of documents located at 1st floor.

Sonic Boom Shockwave 2010 List of Bands


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This coming August 21, 2010 at 5:00 PM, all road leads to White Space, Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City as the biggest boom is about to explode, the Sonic Boom Shockwave 2010.

Here’s the list of the bands that will be performing:

  • Urbandub
  •  Kjwan
  • Typecast
  • Franco
  • Taken By Cars
  • Salamin
  • The Ambassadors
  • The Line Divides
  • Severo
  • Pitik
  • Gloc-9
  • Subscapular
  • Intolerant
  • Gasulina
  • Switch
  • Enemies of Saturn
  • Tonight We Sleep
  • Malay
  • December Avenue
  • The Butchercons

Just Renewed my NBI Clearance in Megamall Kiosk


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Just a week ago, I renewed my NBI clearance at a Kiosk located at SM Megamall Basement B. I arrived around 3:00 PM in the afternoon and as expected there’s a long queue that goes up to the 4th floor. I hesitated at first since I don’t want to wait standing in line for a long time. But since I need the NBI clearance for my passport application for the next day, I patiently waited for the queue to finish.

It turned out the long line finished faster than what I expected. I was paying for the renewal fee 35 minutes after I joined the line. I paid 115 for my Travel Abroad Clearance and was asked to get my photo taken and the necessary changes I need, in my case a change of address. After that I joined another much shorter line for claiming the NBI Clearance and thumb printing. The process took me less than 50 minutes. Good Job for the people at SM Megamall NBI Kiosk! If you have any questions regarding application, renewal, change of address or anything pertaining to NBI Clearance, just visit this link.

BlackBerry Ban in India


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After the ban of some of the important services of BlackBerry in Middle East, the same fate may happen to BlackBerry users in India. India wants to gain access of the highly encrypted BlackBerry Messenger Service. "If a technical solution is not provided by 31st August, 2010, the government will review the position and take steps to block these two services from the network," a news release said.

Will BlackBerry survive this setback? How this issue will affect the sales of the new BlackBerry Torch? One thing for sure, the Philippine Government don't give a damn about this encryption issue...

Training and Application Requirements for Nurses


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Here's the updated list of requirements for application for training and nursing position to hospitals in Manila.

Asian Hospital Requirements.

Here is a list of requirements for Asian Hospital:
1. Resume
2. Transcript of Records
3. RLE Form
4. Diploma
5. PRC License
6. IVT license
7. Basic Life Support Training
8. Certificate of Board Rating
9. Training Certificates
10. Certificate of Employment or Certificate of Good Moral Character (if new graduate)
11. Three Referral Letters (referral from the college accepted if new graduate)
For more information, you can call 771 9000 ext. 8421, 8425, 8465

Capitol Medical Center Requirements.

Here is a list of requirements for Capitol Medical Center:
1. Resume
2. Transcript of Records
3. RLE Form
4. Diploma
5. 3 pcs. 2x2 picture with blue background
6. Board Rating Certificate
7. Board Passing Certificate
8. PRC License
9. Professional Tax Receipt
10. SSS
11. TIN
12. Police Clearance
13. NBI Clearance
14. Cedula
15. Birth Certificate
16. Other important documents like Marriage Certificate, etc. (if applicable)
You can submit these requirements on the Human Resources Department. Use Out-Patient Department (OPD) entrance along Panay Ave

Gamer Vs Gamer A-venue Hall Makati


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Sky Cable and Sky Broadband bring you the first and biggest gaming convention, Gamer vs. Gamer this August 14, 2010 at A-venue Hall, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Free games, contests, raffles and giveaways such as CD installers and posters will be given out from the following sponsors:

Biggest Loser Philippines Pinoy Edition


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ABS CBN Kapamilya Network will be going big this time with another reality show, the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. Auditions already started in Manila, Tarlac, Cebu and Bicol Region and will be holding the last announced audition in SM City Iloilo on August 13th.

Contestants need to be females weighing 200lbs and up and males weighing 250lbs and up, 18 to 40 years of age and of good health. Prizes, hosts and other details are yet to be announced.

Application, Hiring and Training for Nurses and Alternative Jobs


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There’s a lot of Registered Nurse here in the Philippines but it’s hard to get hired in a hospital because of competition and most are not hiring or has limited slots only. I am one of the Licensed Nurse that has to seek employment out of my profession because of this situation. Two of my siblings are staff nurses in a well known hospital in Quezon City, but that don’t help me in getting hired in that same hospital. I got high ratings at the Nursing Licensure Exam, I definitely can perform well as a nurse yet I know there are others like me in the same situation.

Newly grads hope to pass the Nursing Board Exam at first try. They want to land a job as a staff nurse in one of the best hospitals in the country. But the situation right now is you have to wait at least a year to at least train in any hospital in the land. Most are forced to apply in call centers or invest in business ventures. But for me, I choose to work home based using my computer and an Internet connection. I know that I still have to practice my profession, but till then I have to make use of the time to earn money while I’m waiting developments on my application both in the hospitals here in the Philippines and the Middle East. It’s a wise thing to do since I have full control of my time, I earn dollars while being here in the Philippines and I can even continue doing this even when I get hired.

I earn money online by ghost writing, transcribing, blogging and other freelancing stuffs. If you will read my previous posts, you’ll get some ideas on how to earn a steady income online.
Back to Nursing, here’s a list of some of the hospital requirements for application for a staff nurse position and training: 

New Music Video: Tanya Markova's Disney


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A bird told me that Tanya Markova is shooting a Music vid of their second single, Disney. The video will be presented in a stop motion photography. 

Here's the lyrics of the Disney: 

Ang pangarap ko nung bata ay san'y matupad.
Sa lugar na mahiwaga dun ay mapadpad.
Gusto ko na sumakay, magic carpet ride
ksama ko si Aladdin.

Gusto ko na maglakbay ng side by side with Ariel under the sea.
Magswi-swimming, shining shimmering.
Ako na ang bahala, ikaw na ang kawawa.

Gusto ko mapunta sa disney, magwi-wish ako kay Genie
para maka-jam si Mickey sa Disney, Disney, Disney, sa Disneyland.
Gusto ko na ilaglag sa ere na patiwarik si Peter Pan.
Gusto ko na maghukay ng libingan kay Snow Whithe and the seven dwarfs.
Susunugin palasyo ni Prince Charming.
Gusto mo ba sumama? Handa na ang Gasera.

Gusto ko magpunta sa Disney, magwi-wish ako kay Genie
para maka-jam si Mickey sa Disneyland, sa Disneyland.
Gusto ko magpunta sa Disney, magwiwiwi ako sa fairy
at doon ako magyoyosi sa Disney, Disney, Disney, sa Disneyland.

Si Daisy, si Goofy, si Wendy, si Winnie,
Si Simba, Anita, Cinderella't Anastasia.
Si Dumbo, si Pluto, si Lilo't Pinocchio,
si Tarzan, si Donald, Pocahontas at si Jonas.

Gusto ko magpunta sa Disney, magwi-wish ako kay Genie
para maka-jam si Mickey sa Disneyland, sa Disneyland.
Gusto ko magpunta sa Disney, magwiwiwi ako sa fairy
at doon ako magyoyosi sa Disney, Disney, Disney, sa Disneyland.

Time to Upgrade my Nokia N97 to N8


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With the debut of Nokia N8 this September, it'll sure be a must have for cell phone geeks and fashionistas. Price of the N8 is still unannounced here in the Philippines but it is announced to be at 499 Euros so that’ll be around 30000 PhP here in the Philippines. 

Here’s a link for the specifications of Nokia N8.

I hope this phone will not be buggy and the new Symbian ^3 OS will be user friendly. It sure is a full packed phone and a promising digital camera replacement with its 12 MP Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash. Can’t wait to get my hand on this but I think I’ll have to wait till the prices went down a little bit.

Most Organized Running Event Goes To...


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The Rexona Run 2010 was a blast! It was my first run in Mall of Asia, so my expectation is quite high. Coach Rio and the rest of the organizers did a great job from registrations up to the Race finish.

The registration went smooth for me and I was able to get the right singlet sizes for my running mates on the same day. Other races took weeks after registration to give out the race kits but still failed to give the exact size of singlets due to lack of availability. It was my first time o make use of a baggage counter during races and I have no hassle claiming our bags. The race went fine with markers on how many kilometers more you have to run. Hydration stops care of SM and Powerade are stationed properly and accommodated the needs of the runners. They even gave out cooling sponges! Medics and an ambulance roamed around to check the runners and I even see the Coach himself roaming and giving motivations to some runners. The claiming of loot bags is well organized. We only have to fall in line once to claim the freebies. The queues on the lines are not long since there are lot of staff that took care of the distribution. And the best part? Look at the photo below on what are the contents of the loot bags. 

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