Another Squeaky Sneaker: Macbeth Shoes

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Macbeth Footwear was co-founded in 2002 by musician band member Tom Delonge, known for fronting such acts as Blink 182, Box Car Racer and Angels and Airwaves. Since 2002, Macbeth has been at the forefront of collaborative effort with musicians, athletes and artist, creating a blended culture of products for everyday people. In the Philippines, local band Typecast, The Ambassadors and  Nyctinasty endorse Macbeth shoes.

I personally like the Macbeth Brighton as it goes well with any jeans and comfortable to wear. Macbeth Manchester and Eliot look good also but the thing about Macbeths is they don’t last long. So, if you’re thinking of skating with it, expect to buy a new pair after a month or two (that depends of course on how frequent you skate).

Where to find Macbeth Shoes in the Philippines? Go to any Aloha outlet. If you’re thinking to order online, make sure to order a size shorter as their sizes are a little bigger than other shoes. So go for a 10 if you’re a size 11.

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hi... i realy want macbeth shoe. m frm india n i can find here. so plz can u tell me how and where to get

how do i order? where is the nearest macbeth store frm india

Sorry, I don't know where you can find Macbeth in India.

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