Step by Step Guide During Passport Appearance at DFA

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I already discussed from an earlier post on how to set up a DFA appearance. Here’s a step by step guide and what to expect when processing your passport in DFA. 

1.    Review all the required documents before going to DFA, have them photocopied. I advise you to have a pen with you. As a new applicant, I just presented my government issued ID (PRC), Birth Certificate from NSO and NBI clearance (which I don’t think is necessary, but they get my original copy of both my NSO and NBI clearance).
2.    Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appearance. Check for the map location.
3.    Proceed to gate 3 and show your printed form.
4.    There’s a desk that will scan your form before going inside the building.
5.    Go inside; look for a line for checking of documents located at 1st floor.
6.    You’ll be directed to proceed to 2nd floor for payment at the cashier. Pay the amount for standard or express processing.
7.    Get your queue number located near the cashier.
8.    Wait for your number to appear at the screen and the number of table where your papers will be processed and picture will be taken.
9.    If you wish to have your passport mailed to you, pay at the delivery counter.

The steps above are based on my personal experience. That simple. If you are confused or need to ask something, don’t hesitate to approach any officer, employee or security guards as they are very helpful to assist. The process took me only 2 hours to complete. It’s a hassle free process for a new passport applicant like me. But I advise you not to present your NBI clearance when not asked. I have a suspicion that they took the NBI clearance so that people will renew again and the government will generate more money from it.  And they don’t even have to take my NSO as I believe they have it scanned and saved for reference. Still, good work DFA! By the way, bring Wi-Fi enabled gadgets for you not to get bored while waiting. Yes, DFA has a free WiFi hotspot!

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hello..ask ko lng kng may access ba ang DFA sa NSO. Halimbawa sa birth certificate. Paano kung fake ang birth certificate ng passport applicant.

I don't know. I think it's a bad idea to fake documents...

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