Got My Passport Delivered After 14 Days

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I had my appearance at DFA last August 13th and preferred mine processed as Express Priority. I was expecting my passport to be delivered by our doorstep exactly 10 days after but it was only on the 27th of August when I received it by a 2GO courier.

I think there was no problem with the 2GO courier since I checked the status of the package via their website at I entered the tracking number and was able to see that my passport was received and is already in transit earlier that day. The courier arrived in the afternoon. 

To check the status of your passport delivery, just go to, click the Customer Support tab, click Tracking and then select e-Trace. You just have to enter the 9 digit tracking number located at the upper right corner of your Consignment Note given at the DFA. You can also trace your package via SMS (text message) by typing 2GO space 1, followed by another space then your Consignment Number, send to 2390 for Globe, 2248 for Sun and 267 for Smart subscribers. If you want to learn about setting up an appointment for DFA Passport appearance, just go over my previous post about it.

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