Go Kart: The Closest Thing I Get to Driving Fast

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One lazy Sunday afternoon, 2 friends visited me in my place and asked me to join them on one of their spur of the moment adventure. The itinerary: Pancit food trip in Malabon, Go Kart in Star City and street food galore in University of the Philippines. I’m not really into pigging out that time since I’m desperate of getting rid of my ever bulging tummy. But since they mentioned a race at the Kart Track, I decided to give it a go since I never tried doing that kind of thing.

The Go Kart looked dangerous at first and I almost had a second thought of getting on those speed machines. I’m aware of the dangers and stories of accidents occurred in that place, but still I decided to push on. We paid 350 PhP each for a 12 minutes ride on the race track. We were required to put on a helmet and were instructed to use the breaks when turning and when the red flag is waved. Being a beginner, I tested the accelerator first and was glad that it was not that fast when you’re starting to leave the pit stop. I concentrated on breaking at every turn and staying on track the first few turns. Then my instinct to get faster and let go came afterward. Skidding, accelerating and turning without breaking plus an I don’t care attitude is a wonderful feeling. I finished the 12 minutes safe with only an incident of bumping on a rear end of another driver. It was a great experience for me.

We celebrated afterward with a trip to University of the Philippines for a scoop of ice cream (nangkasuy flavor), corn, mango with bagoong, kikiam, chickenballs and hot dog in stick. There’s no place better to eat street foods than UP.

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