Party Club Music Remixes Free Download


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As I was looking for good party music in the Internet, I happened to stumble upon a blog site that allows free download of great party music remix. The name of the site is Multiply Mobile Circuit; it is composed of talented Filipino DJs that are posting their works online.

New Year 2010: Hoping for a Better Year For Filipinos


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New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with the family, friends and special someone. It is also a time for looking back the past year and looking forward to the coming year. 2009 for the Filipinos is not a good year for most because of the tragedies that affected us as a nation and the unresolved problems regarding poverty, corruption,

Sun Broadband Speedtest


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Okay. How fast your broadband is? There are three top broadband plug in providers in the Philippines, Smart, Globe and Sun Broadband. I used to be a Smartbro prepaid user. What happened is I got so frustrated using it because the only thing I can do with it is open my e-mail. On some rare occasion it goes faster while I’m downloading something, but after a certain download, back to

Gibo Teodoro's Supporter Apologized and Shut Down


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I stumbled upon this article about It so happened that the creator of the website is a loyal Gibo Fan. The creator of, King del Rosario, after complains and tongue slashes from NoyNoy's supporters decided to closed down the site. He

I Hate Jollibee.


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I hate Jollibee. Spaghetti’s not that tasty, fries tastes like kamote (sweet potato), burger is too bland for my taste and the place is not that clean compared to their main competition in fast food wars in the Philippines. I hate Jollibee. But that was about 10 years ago.

Press Play


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So I started another blog again. I started blogging since 2006 and was not really serious about it. I joined blogging sites hoping to enhance my skill and also to test if I’ll be able to acquire readers. That was the time when I don’t know anything about back entries, tags, SEOs and other things essential to a blog.

My first 3 blogs is a failure. A major flop. Then an idea suddenly hit me, why not make a money making blog? Everyone wants to earn money. So I started my first semi successful blog - Earn Cash Online. Although I managed to squeeze around $120 from it since September of 2009 it still won’t have tons of unique hits every day.  The thing is there’s a lot of competition with online money making niche. But the good thing is I learned a lot about blogging through my first semi successful blog.

So why start a new blog? Because I want a blog to post whatever I want. I don’t want to be restricted by the topic intended for a certain blog. Hence the birth of Chopsuey Rice. Chopsuey Rice is my random blog. It is a mixture of thoughts of an ordinary person.  It’s like rice that Filipinos can’t live without.

This is my blog.

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