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So I started another blog again. I started blogging since 2006 and was not really serious about it. I joined blogging sites hoping to enhance my skill and also to test if I’ll be able to acquire readers. That was the time when I don’t know anything about back entries, tags, SEOs and other things essential to a blog.

My first 3 blogs is a failure. A major flop. Then an idea suddenly hit me, why not make a money making blog? Everyone wants to earn money. So I started my first semi successful blog - Earn Cash Online. Although I managed to squeeze around $120 from it since September of 2009 it still won’t have tons of unique hits every day.  The thing is there’s a lot of competition with online money making niche. But the good thing is I learned a lot about blogging through my first semi successful blog.

So why start a new blog? Because I want a blog to post whatever I want. I don’t want to be restricted by the topic intended for a certain blog. Hence the birth of Chopsuey Rice. Chopsuey Rice is my random blog. It is a mixture of thoughts of an ordinary person.  It’s like rice that Filipinos can’t live without.

This is my blog.

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