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Okay. How fast your broadband is? There are three top broadband plug in providers in the Philippines, Smart, Globe and Sun Broadband. I used to be a Smartbro prepaid user. What happened is I got so frustrated using it because the only thing I can do with it is open my e-mail. On some rare occasion it goes faster while I’m downloading something, but after a certain download, back to 10kbps snail speed.  My friend has a Globe Tattoo and said that it’s “okay”. Not fast, not slow.

Exactly a month and a week ago my sister decided to get a new internet connection. This time, a Sun Broadband. I was skeptic at first because of my previous experience with plug ins. And I was expecting that she’ll get a DSL this time. She told me that her friends recommended Sun Broadband and it’s easy to get one. Just visit a Sun Center, present a valid ID, pay and go home with your new plug in. She paid the 888.00 php modem charge (no holding period) and the service fee for a month of 799.00 php unlimited use. So that’s 799.00php monthly which I’m paying to my sister for this connection.

Now for the Speedtest. I test my connection yesterday at random times. Here’s the screenshot:

 Time is in GMT so that's +8 hours here in Philippines.
You can see the date and time when the test is conducted at the screenshot. Sun Broadband promised a 2mbps but that's a 2.20mbps download and 0.34mbps upload for me. Oh, by the way. I reside at Roces area, Quezon City when I did the speed test. For those who wants to test their internet connection just click here.

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so will it be the same pag prepaid sim and hsdpa phone ang gagamitin na nakaconnect sa laptop?

I don't thinks so. Haven't tried it yet but will look into it.

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