I Hate Jollibee.

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I hate Jollibee. Spaghetti’s not that tasty, fries tastes like kamote (sweet potato), burger is too bland for my taste and the place is not that clean compared to their main competition in fast food wars in the Philippines. I hate Jollibee. But that was about 10 years ago.

Right now, Jollibee is integrated to most of Pinoys’ life. A call for a food delivery to their branch along Greenhills is a part of my officemate’s morning routine. I love their spicy chicken and palabok – something that not-so –funny-clown can’t offer. I love their fast service and friendly crews. And what I love most is that Funny Fat Bee.

The only thing Jollibee hasn’t improved yet is their sanitation. I wish they’ll add those disposable paper cover in their trays like what that not-so-funny-clown puts in their trays.

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