Be a KGB Special Agent and Earn Money at Home


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If you’re looking for a legitimate work at home job in the Philippines from a well known company, have a fast internet connection, pretty knowledgeable about lots of topics, try working as a KGB Special Agent! It’s not the same Komitet Gosudarstvenoi Bezopasnost of Russia, it’s a New York based company and one of the world’s largest provider of directory assistance that is founded in 1992.

About 4 months ago, KGB opened work at home as a home based special agent to US and Canada. Just last week, KGB Philippines

Latest Firmware Update for Nokia N97 Version 21.0.045


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Latest Firmware for Nokia N97 is now available. Yes, another update promising further improvement for the Kinetic scrolling and some fixes on bugs for the video, music player, images and the web browser. The newest version of firmware for Nokia N97 is 21.0.045, a little improvement from version 20.0.019.

The update is now available through Nokia Software Updater. Just

Supra Footwear: Not You're Ordinary Skate Shoes


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Want a comfortable and stylish shoe you can wear every day? Try slipping on a pair of Supra Footwear. These shoes, originally designed for skateboarders, are gaining popularity among Filipino teens. Try walking around malls, or visit schools during their dress down days and you’ll surely spot someone sporting a pair of Supra.
Different style of Supra shoes are available, low cut, high cut, sport shoes, slip ons, etc. If you need it for skateboarding, then go for the well padded, has heel protection and impact resistance type. But if

Facebook Funny Pictures


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Many funny images are circulating in Facebook pages. Friends upload them; tag other friends, then this lead to viral tagging of other friends. But these pictures can be annoying some times, especially when you unexpectedly found a massive numbers of these on your Facebook wall. Others can be offensive, obscene and just plainly stupid.

Right now, the most likely subjects of these Funny Facebook Images are the popular. Manny Pacquiao, Aling Dionisia, Presidential

Movie Schedules for Upcoming Titles for the Year 2010


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Movie buffs out there will surely enjoy this year’s upcoming movies. Surely, the year 2010 have a great line up to feed our eyes and bring us into another world. A world where characters unknown exists or characters we adore relate to or despise. 

Of course, we all want to know the schedules of when the new movies will be shown in the theaters. The growing anticipation and hype for the movies we are waiting for increases as we are itching to buy those movie tickets, no matter what the price is. Here’s the Big Titles to wait for the year 2010. Alice in the Wonderland which will be released on March 5, 2010, which will be shot on 3D with Johnny Depp. A nightmare on Elm Street will be released on April 30, 2010 followed by Iron Man part 2, Shrek Forever After and Prince of
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