Latest Firmware Update for Nokia N97 Version 21.0.045

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Latest Firmware for Nokia N97 is now available. Yes, another update promising further improvement for the Kinetic scrolling and some fixes on bugs for the video, music player, images and the web browser. The newest version of firmware for Nokia N97 is 21.0.045, a little improvement from version 20.0.019.

The update is now available through Nokia Software Updater. Just
download the latest NSU, install and run. Connect the phone using the data cable and start the update. The updater should recognize the version of your Nokia N97 as shown in the picture above. The problem that I encounter while updating my phone is that it won’t continue downloading the updates after reaching 12 MB of the 142.8 MB of data. The update is not available over the air yet.

It’s a good thing that Nokia has another update for Nokia N97. I will post updates as soon as I get the Firmware version 21.0.045 running on my phone. Maybe I’ll just have my phone updated through Nokia Care center located in Greenhills, Mega Mall or the one in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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