Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price in Philippines


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It's that time of the year again when Samsung lovers are thinking of upgrading to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For those who are planning to save money to be one of the first owners of this device, prepare to allocate a lot from your budget since it is one expensive phone. 

The New Note 5 is available in 32 GB and 64 GB variant, the former is announced to be around $839.99 and the latter, $914.99. So, here in the Philippines it should be around 38,800 PhP for the 32 GB, and 42,200 PhP for the 64 GB. But, expect it to be more higher than that after taxes and stuff. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Sample Camera Pictures


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Samsung recently announced the new Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+. One of the feature that people look into before buying a new phone is the Camera. The ability to snap a good picture is a main selling point for flagship devices. 

People from GSM Arena managed to grab picture samples of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Take a look and judge if the images are good for you.

Details of the first image

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera is a 16 MP shooter, 5312 x 2988 pixels, with optical image stabilization, autofocus, LED flash. It features Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, panorama, and HDR.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Camera sports the same camera and should produce identical quality of images. 

Double Moon in August 27, 2015?


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There's this post circulating in the interwebs about the planet Mars getting too close to Earth this coming August 27th. But, there's something about this post that makes me want to scream H-O-A-X!!!

You see, I read about this post a number of times. It is actually a recurring hoax as old as year 2003. That's right, older than Facebook. It was circulated and passed along as chain emails. 

There will never be a double moon. Mars will never appear huge as depicted in pictures. Although it is bigger than our moon, the distance will never make it appear as huge as the much closer moon. Although it might come into view in the east before dawn by August 27, 2015, it will just be a dot in our naked eye.

This is one variation of the story about having double moon: 


The Red Planet is about to be spectacular!

This month and next, Earth is catching up with Mars in an encounter that will culminate in the closest approach between the two planets in recorded history.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.

Due to the way Jupiter's gravity tugs on Mars and perturbs its orbit, astronomers can only be certain that Mars has not come this close to Earth in the Last 5,000 years, but it may be as long as 60,000 years before it happens again. The encounter will culminate on August 27th when Mars comes to within 34,649,589 miles of Earth and will be (next to the moon) the brightest object in the night sky. It will attain a magnitude of -2.9 and will appear 25.11 arc seconds wide.

At a modest 75-power magnification Mars will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.

Share this with your children and grandchildren.


As the popular saying goes "If it is on the Internet it must be true" shows how gullible people are. So, before liking, commenting and worse, sharing this hoax or any posts like this again, better check the facts first. A simple search will suffice. 

Reverse Bungee Accident in France


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A supposed to be fun experience gone wrong during a Cannonball themed ride in Luna Park Cap Agde , located in the department of Herault in France. The ride, also known as reverse bungee, catapult bungee, ejection seat, or sling shot) is a modern type of fairground ride that was invented by Troy Griffin in circa 1978. 

The ride consists of two telescopic gantry towers mounted on a platform, feeding two elastic ropes down to a two-person passenger car constructed from an open sphere of tubular steel. The passenger car is secured to the platform with an electro-magnetic latch as the elastic ropes are stretched. When the electromagnet is turned off, the passenger car is catapulted vertically with a g-force of 3–5, reaching an altitude of between 50 and 80 meters (180–260 ft).

The couple suffered injuries when an elastic band on the ride snapped, slamming the ride into the adjacent support tower. According to the witness, it was an hour before the couple was rescued and safely to the ground. Watch the video below. 

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