Reverse Bungee Accident in France

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A supposed to be fun experience gone wrong during a Cannonball themed ride in Luna Park Cap Agde , located in the department of Herault in France. The ride, also known as reverse bungee, catapult bungee, ejection seat, or sling shot) is a modern type of fairground ride that was invented by Troy Griffin in circa 1978. 

The ride consists of two telescopic gantry towers mounted on a platform, feeding two elastic ropes down to a two-person passenger car constructed from an open sphere of tubular steel. The passenger car is secured to the platform with an electro-magnetic latch as the elastic ropes are stretched. When the electromagnet is turned off, the passenger car is catapulted vertically with a g-force of 3–5, reaching an altitude of between 50 and 80 meters (180–260 ft).

The couple suffered injuries when an elastic band on the ride snapped, slamming the ride into the adjacent support tower. According to the witness, it was an hour before the couple was rescued and safely to the ground. Watch the video below. 

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