Magic Sarap Banned in USA?!

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Magic Sarap is an all-in-one food seasoning granule that is widely used by Filipinos in their kitchen. It is endorsed by Kris Aquino, Judy Ann Santos and Ai Ai delas Alas.

There is a post circulating in Facebook and other social networking sites claiming that Magic Sarap is banned in United States of America. 

“Reports that this product will be banned in the United States due to cardiovascular health problems and other related diseases as a result of the ingredients in Magic sarap. I threw half of my drawer full of Magic Sarap packets which I brought home every year from the Philippines as a precaution. –Klimmy Gaviola.

So, I searched for the person who is responsible for the said allegations and found out that he is real, but the screenshot of the post, dated January 16th, that was being shared is nowhere to be found on his Facebook page.

With a desire to learn the truth, I did a little “investigation” (just a normal search on the web LOL) and came up with this certain “Viral” website called Unique Facts. 

The website quoted the original poster, Klimmy Gaviola, but failed to prove the truth about the alleged ban in USA. All I read was a list of “Why You Should Never Cook with Magic Sarap”. I advised you not to visit the website since it keeps on redirecting me to other websites even when I’m not clicking any link.

Another search lead me to a forum in the website called Visa Journey. A member posted “As I went through US customs at SFO, the Filipino woman checking food in the luggage asked if I was bringing any Magic Sarap additive or chicharon (pork skin cracklings). I said no. She then said those are banned food products. Any other foodstuff from the Philippines that's banned? Is bagoong banned too?” To which another member replied “Magic Sarap contains chicken, chicken is not allowed. You can bring personal amounts of dried fish though.  Bagoong can be brought, but its pretty easy to buy in the USA and you don't want it getting broken in your bags!”

Again, not proving if Magic Sarap is to be banned in the United States.

And finally, my search leads me to a statement by Maggi in their website

“The safety and quality of our products and the welfare of our consumers are always the top priorities for Nestlé. We assure our consumers that MAGGI MAGIC SARAP is safe to consume.

Like any food product that is not registered for sale in the US, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP may face restrictions from Customs authorities if the quantity suggests that the product is being brought into the country for re-sale or for commercial purposes.

MAGGI MAGIC SARAP is not associated with any health issues and complies with all food safety, quality and regulatory standards of the Philippine Food & Drug Administration and that of Nestlé.

For 149 years now, Nestlé has been manufacturing and distributing food products to meet the nutritional needs of consumers all over the world.  Throughout our long history, we have never compromised the safety of our products and the integrity of the ingredients from which they are manufactured.”

Conclusion: I doubt that Magic Sarap will be banned in the United States, but who knows… I also believe that excessive consumption of food seasoning regardless of brand is bad to our health. Not that I don’t use food seasoning when I cook, but I just use a minimal amount whenever I do so. The moral of the story: Don’t believe anything that is posted in the Internet, get your facts first before reposting, liking or commenting. 

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