My 15K Run Experience at Run United 2 (Unilab)

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I finished a 15K run this morning at the Run United 2 event. After 1 hour and 45 minutes, I managed to cross the finish line in one piece and free from injury (except for the bruise under my armpits due to excessive friction). I may not be as fast as the other competitive runners, but I enjoyed the whole race.

The event was great. No problems encountered and the water stations are sufficient. I appreciate the sponges of cold water since it really helped a lot in cooling down. The race started as scheduled and the post event amenities, freebies are awesome. One complaint though is our singlets are not yet delivered. But I guess no race is perfect. Never mind the singlet, the event itself is more important than that. I still like Run Rio as race event organizer. Although I and my running buddy don’t bother to line up for some freebies because of the long queue, we did gain something more important than those material things. We get free pointers from a good running coach. 

Coach PJ

I’m happy with my first 15K experience. I enjoyed being able to finish without worrying about cramps and side stitches. In fact, I feel like I could go on another 5 kilometers more. I guess, knowing one's limits and following the Galloway method helped a lot.

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