Plants vs Zombies and Family Feud on Facebook

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Facebook applications, like gadgets, come and go. Users flock from one application to other applications. I quit playing games in Facebook like Mafia Wars, Farmville and Texas Poker. But if there’s a new game that will make me play a new game in Facebook again that will be the popular Plants vs. Zombies.

I really hope that the makers of Plants versus Zombies will make a Facebook application. But last time I check was there’s only a Fan Page of the game. I was disappointed for some time but I stumbled upon a new game on Facebook that is something I love to play way back, Family Feud.

The game is very much the same like playing Family Game in Television; you can ask help from your friends by asking them to play the Fast Money Round. Interaction and Audio is great but you can only play certain episodes per day. I’ll still be waiting for Plant vs Zombies in Facebook but for now, I’ll enjoy Family Feud. Here's the link to the Application.

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