How To Take Good Photos with a Mobile Phone

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Everyone loves DSLRs. Most of my friends own one and some dreams or plan of having one. In every hang out place you’ll see someone holding a DSLR. Yeah, it gets annoying sometimes. A month ago, there were 4 dudes with their Canons and Nikons strapped on their neck while in a drinking session. Is it even comfortable? As for me, the closest thing I get to taking a decent picture is my Canon Powershot digital cam and my 5MP Carl Zeiss dual LED with autofocus Nokia N97. Not that I don’t want to have a DSLR, but I think it’s not practical to have your cameras with you all the time. Sometimes it spoils the fun you’re supposed to be having because you’re busy trying to take perfect pictures.

I bring my point and shoot camera with me whenever there’s an occasion, but when there’s a scene worth taking a picture of during ordinary days, I make use of my mobile phone. Yes, you can capture decent photos with a camera phone. Just make sure you have proper lighting, subject is properly focused and choose the right angle. Major problem with a cell phone camera is lighting. Poor light creates noise and blurring in pictures. That’s why I prefer taking pictures with my mobile phone during daytime. Many users are not aware of how to properly use the autofocus of their camera phone. In most case, you have to half press first to get a focus on the subject before clicking all the way to take a picture. Also, make use of the setting like the macro shot for very near objects, configure the white balance, ISO, etc. until you get the best setting for a picture.
Photography using a camera phone can be frustrating sometimes (unless you have the new Nokia N8). But, try it. The satisfaction I get from mobile photography is different from using digital cameras and DSLR. Here’s some samples of my snapshots using my Nokia N97.

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pretty cool snapshots! I also use my phone's camera to take photos and to tell you honestly it's pretty much okay! :)

Thanks! It's not about what camera you're using. As long as you are creative and have natural talent that will do.

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