Trail Run in Singapore

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We did a lot of things during our 1 week vacation in Singapore. We visited places, eat good and weird stuffs, shop, took lot of pictures, try different types of transportation including the Singapore Cable Car, and joined a running event. It was just a 3K mini marathon (since the 10.5K marathon registration fee is a little expensive for us), but it is not one ordinary run. It was a trail Run.

Tour de Trail took place at MacRitchie Reservoir last September 26th. I and my 2 sisters participated in the 3K run. Other categories were 10.5 individual and a relay. It was our first time to said place so we did not expect what the path would be. We started in the assembly area inside the Reservoir, then to the highway and into a passage going back to the reservoir. The passage is narrow and surrounded by trees. The ground is wet, muddy and some gravels, rocks, branches and twigs in some places. The path goes uphill and downhill. The view is great as if you’re inside a jungle and we even passed by a small lake. It was sure a long path that seems to never end. The trail goes back to the concrete part of the reservoir and into a straight line towards the finish/start line. Check out the photos I and my sisters took.

The View

Finisher's Baton. This kid finished a 10.5 individual run.

Look, there's my sister!

It was a new and wonderful experience for me. I may have missed the International running event in Camarines Sur that took place at the same date, but I sure did have my own international run alongside some Singaporeans, Americans and other Nationalities there. I am hoping to join another trail run in the future. This time, in our own country, the Philippines.

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