Video Demonstration of New CPR Guidelines by American Heart Association (2010)

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Here’s a link to the video demonstration by American Heart Association (AHA) on how to do the updated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

So, the standard Airway, Breathing and Circulation (ABC) will now be Circulation, Airway and Breathing for adults and children. The ABC should still be followed for infants. Key factors that must be remembered by lay persons and health providers are to compress hard and fast, about a 100 compressions per minute. Lay persons now don’t have to worry about the “yuck” factor associated with mouth to mouth resuscitation. AHA hopes that with this new guideline, even bystanders will not hesitate to render early compression to a victim. But for experienced health providers, it is still expected to do 2 mouth to mouth breaths after 30 compressions.
For more information visit the official website of AHA.

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