A Letter to Backyard Monsters

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Dear Backyard Monsters, 

I never played a Facebook apps/game in my life seriously until I met you. You’re a big distraction in my life. I used to laugh at people who are too hooked in playing Farmville, Mafia Wars or any game in Facebook. I regard them as lame and a waste of time. But now, I have to check if anyone attacked my base camp, or if a new monster is ready for use. I have to log in just to harvest the resources used to building up my defences and buildings and see if there’s a weakling that I can attack and loot resources from. I waited impatiently as my monster workers upgrades my buildings, sniper towers, canon, lasers and tesla towers. 

BM, you’re the first Tower Defence game in Facebook that is worth playing. Because of you, I can take revenge on my ex boss by destroying his camp to ashes every single day. I miss you when you’re down, although you have Attack of the Pokeys to cheer me up. I understand that you’re just trying to improve the game and get rid of the bugs.

Oh, all my Monster Housing is full of monsters again. Bye for now BM! I have to attack my ex boss’ camp again.

Yours truly,

Try Backyard Monsters, a Facebook application by clicking here.  

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