What You’re Missing in Facebook Live Feeds

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I have this suspicion long ago that I’m not getting all the live feeds from all of my friends in Facebook. It turned out my suspicion is right. I read updates when I’m using my mobile phone that I don’t see on my PC. So I did a little research and guess what I found out, Facebook controls from whom you get updates, what posts appeared on your wall, and everything. 


Because of this, I missed out on some events, birthdays and updates of some friends. Facebook limits and choose what to appear on your Top News and Most Recent Feeds.  So, how do you fix this? The answer is you just have to configure something on your wall. Scroll down your Home Page/ News Feed Page and you can see Older Posts and Edit Options on the bottom. Click on Edit Options, you should see Show More, Hide and Number of Friends. Now, on the Number of Friends you can see a default number 250. Turns out the more number of friends you have, the lesser updates you’ll see on some people. All you have to do is change that number to a higher number. I changed mine to 5000 and that did the trick.

Almost everyone now has a Facebook account, but the thing is we are not fully aware of some settings. Now, please do a favor of posting this to your Facebook Wall to let your friends know what they’re missing. Any additional tips and tricks you can share? Just write it down on the comments area. Happy Social Networking!

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