Online Banking with BDO

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Banco de Oro dominates having the most branches in almost every place in Philippines yet they still don’t have an improvement with their online banking. Try to walk around Greenhills area, you’ll see BDO branches facing each other and just a few steps there’s another branch. But why don’t they improve their eBanking service?

Enrolling for online banking with other banks like Union Bank, China Bank etc. are hassle free, fast and easy. There’s no need to submit papers, and you don’t have to go personally to the bank. But with Banco de Oro, though they recently improved their enrolling process, you still have to submit necessary forms to the branch where you open your account. The thing is I’m residing in Manila and the branch where I opened the account is in the province. Shoot. Another thing, the Mastercard logo is useless in terms of online shopping. You can’t even use it for verifying a PayPal account.

The only thing I like with Banco de Oro is their dollar exchange rate, which is higher, compared to the other banks, other than that, nothing. Currently I am using my Union Bank Eon account for my PayPal and online transactions. I can’t use it for online poker though. *Sigh*

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