WeSC Headphones: Better than Skullcandy

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I noticed the sudden rise in popularity of Skullcandy headphones here in the Philippines. But those guys wearing them are satisfied with its quality or are they just wearing it because they are cool looking? I use to love Skullcandy, I love that they are stylish and the Skullcrusher has the most ear deafening bass I ever tried. But it is neither the style nor the excessive bass that my ear craves, but a nice looking and a performance wise headset I can find in the stores here in Manila.

A month ago I happen to visit a store named Republic in Trinoma. Republic is owned by the Villafuertes, Congressman L-Ray of Camarines Sur, home of CWC (Camarines Sur Watersport Complex). I was looking for a decent skateboarding shoe that time when I noticed the various headphones displayed in one corner. I was able to test them one by one when a store attendant approached me and suggested to try the WeSC Headphone. He told me that WeSC is better in audio quality and is sturdier than the Skullcandies. After trying all the SC headphones I noticed that only one gave me satisfaction as to the audio quality, a certain Skull Lowrider. Then I proceed to try the WeSC that is hanging side by side with the SCs, I was blown away by how good the audio is and how the bass is perfect for my ears. I end up buying the WeSC Maraca (Same in the picture above).

Republic Stores are located in Trinoma, in front of Topman 3rd Floor. In Eastwood, in Alabang and of course in CWC, Camarines Sur. They have a showcase of Skateboarding, wakeboarding and other stuffs. Shoes are sold at a lower price than other stores and they have many Skullcandy and WeSC headphones to choose from. The link for the official Republic Blog is here.

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How much is the WeSC cost?

WeSC is around 2900 PhP in the Philippines. Just try to look it up on eBay to have an idea how much it cost in your area.

My friends at Rincon Surf and Skate have Skull candy headphones!


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