Philippines 2010 Presidential Election Result: How Can We Be a Better Filipino?

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The date of the National Elections is fast approaching; every candidate seems to be well prepared with how they are going to be a good leader for the Filipino people. But are we, the voters, prepared for our choice of the right candidate? We can’t solve a big problem of us having corrupt leaders if part of the problem is our direct involvement in choosing who to lead us. 

Most of us go for candidates that are popular. Yes, the outcome of the 2010 Philippines National Election will be based from popularity since whoever gets the most votes win. But we can make a change. Think of not feeling great because who we vote for is the most popular and a sure winner, but think of how most of us will benefit, poor or rich, regardless of religion, political views, gender etc. Think of the better if not the best politician that will represent every one of us and not think of any agendas of his own. Our next 6 years will be different once the next President takes his oath for his throne in Malacanang.

We can be a better Philippines or we can stay the way we are with corrupt officials. There’s still time to think of who we want to elect for the 2010 National Elections. Put into action what we want to achieve. We must look behind in our past and learn from it. Choose wisely and make a difference.

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Nice topic! I enjoyed reading this post. I've been looking for interesting topic as this. Looking forward for your next post.


Thanks for commenting sir. I'm surprised that politicians like you care enough to search for blog entries like this. I hope that whoever wins will do his part as a leader for our country. We're still months away from the 2010 Presidential Election. Hope the outcome will make our country, the Philippines, a better country.

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